• A Blog On The LIV Golf Business Model By ModGolf Founder Colin Weston

    Disclaimer: The following guest blog is written by Colin Weston and wholly represents his thoughts and ideas and are not intended to be indicitive of British Columbia Golf's opinions or position on this subject. Weston is the host and creator of The ModGolf Podcast, where he speaks with entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors, and influencers who are shaping the future of the golf industry. You can listen in at www.mod.golf -  ed.

    By Colin Weston/ModGolf Podcast

    Lots of listeners have asked me “why aren’t you talking more about LIV Golf since The ModGolf Podcast is about entrepreneurship and innovation in the golf industry?”

    The main reason why I haven’t is that I’m playing the long game on this story. I believe coexistence is attainable as has been proven out in other pro sports leagues with alternative playing formats such as cricket and volleyball. The NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, English Premiership and La Liga understand the value of team brands and so does LIV.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Redefining The Golf Club Membership Experience - Billy Brown, Founder And CEO Of The Golf Sanctuary

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, Colin Weston chats with Billy Brown, Founder and CEO of The Golf Sanctuary in Nashville Tennessee.

    Brown saw an opportunity in the golf industry to offer a new and enhanced membership experience, saying, "When demand is greater than supply, there is a business opportunity. I found one in The Golf Sanctuary".

  • Video: The Unreachable Golf Course: The Story of Bald Eagle GC's Forced Quarantine During Covid-19

    In a very well done short documentary aired by Skratch, Erik Anders Lang travels to Bald Eagle GC in Point Roberts, WA, a formally 'unreachable' course to find out what happened to so completely isolate the facility in this episode of Adventures in Golf, presented by United Airlines.

    Golf boomed during the pandemic...everywhere except here. Two years later, it's finally making its comeback. Bald Eagle GC has a unique story of being virtually abandoned during the pandemic, which was far from unique in the U.S. and Canada at the time, but is slowly making a comeback thanks to the local volunteers who are helping as they play.

    To see Brad Ziemer's recent story and interviews on Bald Eagle's comeback click here

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Using Customer Feedback To Deliver Exceptional Value

    In this episode of The ModGolf Podcast show creator and host, Colin Weston, talks with Nick Longley, co-founder at Inrange Golf.

    Inrange is a company that,  "...uses technology, combined with the more informal environment of the range to open up the game of golf. To make practice fun again. To bring in a whole new generation of players. To redefine what 'playing golf' actually looks like."

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Relationships Are The New Currency

    In this episode of The ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host, Colin Weston, chats with Ty DeLavallade the founder and president of Deuce, an upscale golf and cigar accessory company that can design golf accessories for every golfer.

    "I did some research to find out what other black-owned businesses are out there. To be fair, I didn't find any...

  • Don’t Be Intimidated By Golf

    The 14th Hole At Bear Mountain In Victoria Is Beautiful & Scary At The Same Time - BC Golf Photo 

    By John Gordon, Courtesy Golf Canada

    Who was the first person to be intimidated by golf? Hint: It wasn’t you.

    Little-known fact: He was the second person to take up the game about, oh, 600 years ago in Scotland.

    “Och, Geordie, I could never hit that stone as far as you can with your shepherd’s crook. Look, it’s almost in the rabbit hole in one stroke! Why are you walking so fast? I can’t find my stone! Who is that behind us?”

    Versions of those plaintive bleats have echoed down through history and continue to be heard today, in one fashion or another.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Building A Women-Led Company That Positively Disrupts The Golf Industry

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host Colin Weston speaks with Jess McAlister, Founder of Digital Golf Collective.

    Jess's philosophy is essentially, "We felt we could 'positively disrupt' while loving and respecting the sport we love so much and fighting to ensure women athletes get what they truly deserve."

  • ModGolf Podcast: Building A Scalable Business That Introduces 1,000,000 New Golfers To The Game

    As we all know is getting good at golf is hard. Figuring out how to make it fun and engaging for kids is even harder. 

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host, Colin Weston, speaks with Operation 36 co-founder Matt Reagan about the program that is introducing kids to the game with a variable distance gameplay format where students need to shoot 36 over nine holes in order to graduate up to the next level.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Applying A Tech Investor Mindset To Support "Early Stage" Golf Athletes

    In the second episode of season 12, ModGolf creator and show host, Colin Weston, speaks with Donnie Dotson, Founder and CEO of Carry Golf Investments who shared how he's applying tech startup lessons learned to elite athletes.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Building An Engaging Platform For The Everyday Golfer

    In the first episode of season 12 for the ModGolf Podcast, show host and creator, Colin Weston, speaks with Jordan Lunetta, Co-Founder Of Odin Golf. 

    Jordan shares how they apply a tech startup approach to disrupt the traditional golf product space, are early adopters experimenting with NFTs and much more.

  • Some Parental Advice From Jack Nicklaus

    All Images Courtesy Brad Ewart

    18-Time Major Winner Jack Nicklaus Presents Coquitlam, BC's A.J. Ewart With The 2022 Jack Nicklaus Award 

    By Brad Ewart

    It’s not easy being a golf parent.

    But, there are times when advice from another source can be very helpful. Especially when that source is Jack Nicklaus. In 2009 I was working on a golf construction project in Bangalore, India where Jack Nicklaus and his staff also happened to be in the early stages of designing a golf course.

    Prior to arriving in India, the 12-man Nicklaus contingent made design stops in Japan and Korea and would be in India for only 24 hours. They toured the Nandi Hills site, Nicklaus made a number of design changes and then attended a dinner party with ten of the richest men in India.

    The next morning, while the group was finishing breakfast and preparing to head off to the airport, I had the opportunity to ask Jack a few questions.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Building Community As A "Senior-Preneur" - Jim Plumb, Co-Founder Of Fore! Sixty

    In this edition of the ModGolf Podcast, creator and show host Colin Weston speaks with Jim Plumb, the Co-Founder of FORE! SIXTY. 

    FORE! SIXTY is a unique online community dedicated to enhancing the game for golfers sixty and over with age-relevant information, videos and a wide selection of curated value offerings on golf equipment, natural, anti-inflammatory pain relief and Sun Smart UPF50 sun protection apparel.

  • ModGolf Podcast: Creating A Sustainable Golf Future Through The "Seventh Generation Principle"

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host, Colin Weston, speaks with Steve Tooshkenig, CPGA Golf Professional and inspirational Indigenous Speaker.

    "Walk in that good way, helping and sharing your journey so those before you can smile."

    - Steve Tooshkenig

  • ModGolf Podcast: Creating Phenomenal Customer Experiences Through Golf

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host, Colin Weston, speaks with Alyson Ramsey Johnson, CEO at Gilly Group and Co-Founder at White Tee Partners.

    "I always knew I wanted to be a boss. I didn't know of what but I had that calling to want to help brands and businesses, create these phenomenal experiences for their customers through golf, whether that was sponsorship activation, hospitality or promoting their brands. So I knew I needed to get more of a differentiator for myself in the golf industry, especially as a woman."

     - Alyson Ramsey Johnson

  • ModGolf Podcast: Taking A Position To Help Create Positive Change - Jim Beatty, Executive Editor With African American Golfer’s Digest

    At The 2022 PGA Show in Orlando ModGolf Podcast creator Colin Weston had the opportunity to reconnect with Jim Beatty at The Diversity and Inclusion Forum, which he was co-hosting.

    Jim Beatty wears several hats, including Executive Editor for the African American Golfer’s Digest (www.africanamericangolfersdigest.com), President of Jim Beatty Golf Ventures (www.jimbeattygolfventures.com) and Chair of The We Are Golf, Recreational Play Subcommittee, Diversity Task Force (www.wearegolf.org).

  • 5 Guidelines To Build Your Romance Through Golf

    Image Courtesy Golf Canada

    By John Gordon/Golf Canada

    On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, let’s get all the bad, frequently offensive, jokes out of the way first.  To speed up the process, I will provide just the punch lines to a couple of the hoariest groaners.

    “No way! The last time I tried that shot, I made double bogey!”

    “But you don’t understand. It’s my wife’s funeral.”

    On a related note this February 14th, let’s officially bury the term “golf widow.” With that out of the way, let’s move on.

  • The ModGolf Podcast: Creating The "Linkedin For Golfers" - Lydia Davies, Founder And CEO Of Teemates

    In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, creator Colin Weston welcomes guest Lydia Davies, the founder and CEO of TeeMates Golf. She is originally from the UK, born in Thailand, and traveled around living in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. She currently resides in Houston where she first thought of and created TeeMates Golf.

    TeeMates was created when her now husband, Andrew - a self-proclaimed golf degenerate - would always send her photos of himself playing at course alone whilst on work travel. With golf growth rates off the charts, Lydia knew there must be others in his hotel or area that would want to join him on the tee box.

  • Video: Funniest Moments Of The Year On The PGA TOUR 2021

    We've all heard the PGA TOUR motto, "These Guys Are Good" - and that is absolutely true. But sometimes, these guys aren't so good. And that can be rather humourous.

    Here's a collection of the funniest moments on the PGA TOUR in 2021, featuring hilarious moments on and off the course golf course and in press conferences.


  • Video: Golfers Undergo Brutal Performance Reviews

    In the first collaboration of its kind, the PGA TOUR and the DP World Tour present ‘The Performance Review’, a short film, which sees actor John C. McGinley  (Scrubs, Platoon) grilling the biggest names in golf on their performances in 2021. 

    The co-production features players from both tours, including: Collin Morikawa, Henrik Stenson, Scottie Scheffler, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Tyrrell Hatton and Justin Rose.


  • ModGolf Podcast: Empowering People With Disabilities Through Adaptive Golf

    In the season-opening episode of year number eleven for the ModGolf Podcast, creator Colin Weston welcomes guest host Dr. Greta Anderson (@DrGretaGolf) who sits down with prosthetic entrepreneur and Adaptive Athlete Deborah Smith (@2deborahsmith) to hear her story of resilience, hope and gratitude.

    Deborah is a mentor with the amputee Coalition of America and with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, the top rehab facility in the country for the last 30 years. "The beauty of golf is that it is available to us from a young age through an older age, through ability and disability. I am a perfect example of the opportunities that golf provides," says Deborah.

    "I survived a fatal accident when I was 19, which changed my life in the blink of an eye. I went from running every day, dancing and golfing to fighting in order to ever walk again. Looking back, the understanding that I needed to put the time and work in and I wasn't going to see any results right away certainly helped me as I was recovering from my accident because I was disabled and disfigured from it."