British Columbia Golf 

Mission, Vision and Value Statement


To be a leader and valued partner in growing “Golf, a sport for life”


To increase participation, excellence and enjoyment of the sport


Fun, Excellence, Inclusion, Respect, Accountability


British Columbia Golf 2022 - 2025 Strategic Plan  

Participation Growth

Goal Statement Increase participation by promoting the benefits and fun of golf in a safe, inclusive sport environment


  • Amplify communications to accelerate the implementation and support of Golf Canada’s Participation programs
  • Develop and implement a strategic engagement plan that focuses on increasing accessibility of golf to all British Columbians regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, background, or ability
  • Engage golfers, regardless of age and/or ability, with resources to increase frequency of play, improve health, wellness, and enhance enjoyment of the game

Player Performance

Goal Statement - Increase the number of competitive golfers and enhance their performance in BC, in order to develop Canada’s best players. ​


  • Provide golfers with resources and direction to assist with their physical, tactical, technical and mental skills to perform at their highest level
  • Create a positive and safe sport culture for players, including coaches and volunteers
  • Deliver professionally organized championships for all age divisions to enhance their development 
  • Provide resources to the B.C. Zones to assist in conducting first class competitive opportunities

Organizational Sustainability

Goal Statement - Deliver sustainable revenue, organizational framework and governance to ensure stability and maximize investment in the sport


  • Collaborate with Golf Canada to drive revenue growth
  • Research and develop diverse revenue streams for sustainable revenues
  • Maintain a skilled and motivated BC Golf board, staff and volunteers
  • Align board process and structure to ensure stewardship of Strategic Plan


Goal Statement - Continually improve relationships with partners to build participation in the sport.


  • Accelerate and enhance collaboration with Golf Canada to define and optimize respective roles in providing member and facility services
  • Support the Allied Golf Association of BC in uniting the industry in BC
  • Be transparent in our deliverables and metrics for golf as a sport

British Columbia Golf Fully Supports Inclusiveness And Is Proud To Support

The Women In Golf Charter As Led By The R&A 

Our targets as a charter signatory from 2019 are the following:

  1. Support Golf Canada in reaching their targets as a signatory.
  2. Provide and support women golfers in British Columbia to affiliate and support the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and LPGA Women’s Network.
  3. Actively market #inviteHer on all British Columbia Golf digital and social media platforms.
  4. Commit to providing equal and balanced media coverage of women and girls in competitive and recreational golf.
  5. Embrace International Women’s Golf Day on an annual basis.
  6. Solicit and encourage all British Columbia Member Clubs to support and embrace International Women’s Golf Day.
  7. Celebrate and promote the Astor Cup a quadrennial women’s team competition between New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Great Britain / Ireland and Canada. The Astor Cup last took place August 24th through August 31, 2019 at Royal Colwood.


Allied Golf Association - British Columbia Golf


The Allied Golf Association (AGA) in conjunction with British Columiba Golf has produced a 'scorecard' which grades the various components of the golf industry with respect to performance in those areas by comparing it against par on a typical golf scorecard.

You can see how the golf industry sees its own performance of late below. And as with any competitor who wishes to excel, the goal is to bring that score in line with improved results and aim to submit the best score possible.