• Video: When Golf Meets Magic - European Tour ‘Every Shot Imaginable’

    As part of the European Tour Every Shot Imaginable campaign a couple of years ago, London-born magician and card shark (card 'sharp' if you are actually from Britain) Drummond William Thomas Money-Coutts, also nicknamed "DMC", joined some well known European Tour players at Gleneagles in Scotland for a few displays of magic...with some assistance from the players. 


  • As Close As You’ll Get To Tiger: A Review Of Rubenstein’s Latest

    By John Gordon/ Courtesy Golf Canada

    If you’re a Tiger Woods fan, you will not be disappointed by The 1997 Masters: My Story (256 pages, Grand Central Publishing) which was released on Monday, March 20. Actually, you don’t need to keep reading this. Just buy the book.

    But if you’re more a fan of the fine and literate writing we have been accustomed to during the long and highly respected career of Tiger’s collaborator on the book, Lorne Rubenstein, well, you might want to read on.

  • There’s No Such Thing As A Fairway Too Far

    Golf Odyssey Takes Canadian Pair To Unique North American Courses

    Via Media Release

    Haliburton, Ontario (special interest sports, entertainment) - A new golf show premiering March 30th on TSN is taking the tradition of “going golfing with a buddy” to a whole new fairway. Highways to Fairways follows the adventures of two real-life best friends as they travel everywhere from Texas to Tignish, PEI, looking for unique golf adventures.

    “We take the road less travelled,” says Charlie Teljeur, one of the show's hosts.” You won't see Pebble Beach or Augusta on Highways to Fairways. We’re not after the elite. We’re after the unique. It’s all about the courses everyone can play.”

  • Video: Not A Swing Tip...Just A Life Tip. Love Your Kids

    ...Sometimes life just needs to get in they way. Like when Henrik Stenson's young daughter ran out to give her Dad a hug during the Valspar Championship. Perfect.

  • Jamie Sadlowski Does Trick Shots With Dude Perfect

    Who Doesn't Like Watching A Row Of Guys Try To Catch A Marshmallow Fired At Them Off The Face Of A Driver Wielded By Two-Time World Long Drive Champion, Canadian Jamie Sadlowski?

    The crew from Dude Perfect employ the skills of Alberta's Jamie Sadlowski for a very cool trick shot video that includes the exploding of defenseless fruit, superhero toys and other objects obliterated by Sadlowski as well as showing his ability to be amazingly accurate with the driver sinking a 132-foot putt and dropping a ball into a kiddie pool 250 yards away. 

    There's a host of other entertaining stunts here too, so click on the video below and enjoy. 





  • Video: Watch The Guinness Book Of Records 'Longest Putt Ever Made'

    Australia's Brett Stanford, a member of the aptly named YouTube posse, How Ridiculous, drained a 120 metre left-to-right breaking putt, that's right...putt.... on the Point Walter GC in Western Australia.

    That computes to 395 feet and a new world record for the "longest golf putt non-tournament," according to the folks at the Guinness World Records.

    Stanford broke the record held by Fergus Muir, a Scotsman who in 2001 drained a 125-yarder (375 ft.) at the St. Andrews Eden Course with a hickory-shafted putter.


  • Video: Celebrities In Golf Carts - Brian Baumgartner From 'The Office'

    He plays Kevin on “The Office,” but actor Brian Baumgartner is a pretty fair golfer as well. He saves his best shot in this video, however, for a game of ‘beer pong’ at the end of the round.

  • Video: Got Too Many Swing Thoughts? This May Help...Or Not...

    Who among us in the game of golf isn't always searching for the 'answer'? Or at least an inkling as to what would be a good 'swing thought' as we step up to hit the ball.

    Fear no more, we've uncovered a golf tip video done some years ago by former Canadian Tour and PGA TOUR player JC Anderson that puts it all into one, clear process...kind of...actually, as JC suggests, you may want to write this down.



  • Video: Club Chuck Challenge With Nextgengolf

    It's usually frowned upon to throw your golf clubs, but not in the Club Chuck Challenge. How far do you think you could throw a club? The guys over at Nextgengolf have set the bar high.

    To learn more about Nextgengolf, check them out here: https://nextgengolf.org/



  • Video: The European Tour Presents 'The Awkward Reporter'

    The European Tour has been great over the years putting together some very entertaining videos showcasing their willingness to have a good time and enjoy themselves while promoting the game at the same time.

    In this latest instalment they've ambushed some top pros with a fake interviewer being prodded on by other 'behind the scenes' players who are in on the ruse.




  • Video: Celebrities In Golf Carts - Kunal Nayyar (Raj From The Big Bang Theory)

    FOX Sports Radio Host Mark Willard (L) Is Joined On The Golf Course For A Round By The Big Bang Theory's 'Raj Koothrappali' - Known In Real Life As Kunal Nayyar (R) - YouTube Image

    Most of us are pretty interested in seeing how public figures, especially celebrities, handle themselves on the golf course.

    A little while back the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association), the people who regularly bring us those entertaining and informative Rules Crew videos, thought it would be a good idea to film a round of golf, including the back and forth banter, involving FOX Sports radio host Mark Willard and a willing celebrity.

    In this instalment, television and film star Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali to all the Big Bang Theory fans out there - shows us his golf skills along with his dry wit, while also sharing some personal insights.

  • The Golfer's Dilemma - Humour Video With Comedian Gary Mule Deer

    Everybody loves a good golf joke. Longtime comedian and frequent "Late Show with David Letterman" guest Gary Mule Deer offers up a difficult scenario for the competitive golfer...

  • European Tour Crushes The Mannequin Challenge

    With the 'Manneqin Challenge' being all the rage these days it only seemed natural that the guys from the European Tour would want to get in on the act as the personalities on that tour have shown from trick shot videos in the past that they are alway up for a 'Challenge'. 

  • Two Canadian Kids Make Back-to-Back Aces

    Ian Fox (L) And Kaeden Trainor (R) After Making Back-to-Back Aces In The Same Group - Image Courtesy Golf Canada

    Terry Lenyk/ Golf Canada

    lan Fox and Kaeden Trainor didn’t play golf a year ago. Recently, the two 11-year-old hockey fanatics from Ontario carded back-to-back aces on the 128-yard fifth hole at Amherstview Golf Club in Loyalist, Ont., while playing in the same group.

    How unlikely is that? The odds of two average golfers acing the same hole in the same foursome is 20 million to 1.

    GolfDigest has more in this article.

  • Seven Manatees Freed From Golf Course Pond In Florida

     Crews from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission removed seven manatees stranded in a pond on the Plantation on Crystal River golf course on Thursday...

  • North Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Putting Green A Hit With Community

    North Vancouver City Mayor Darrell Mussatto (Right, putting) And Section Manager For Parks, Dave Turner (L) Enjoy The Unique Putting Green Installed At Sam Walker Park In North Vancouver - Image Credit Gino Cutri/British Columbia Golf

    by Gino Cutri

    The thought originated with the neighbour of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto, who had just started to learn how to play golf. She approached the Mayor with a question, “How about we do something about golf in our community?”

    Mayor Mussatto paused, and remembered that his section manager for parks, Dave Turner, had mentioned he too would like to incorporate golf into the community. His idea was to build a putting green in a local park. That local park was Sam Walker.

  • Loudmouth Golf’s 2016 Summer Collection Has Arrived

    FOSTER CITY, California — Loudmouth Golf has released its brand new Summer 2016 Collection containing a design for all your favorite summer celebrations. From picnic-friendly patterns to celebratory designs, this collection will take you from the Fourth of July to the County Fair and everywhere in between.

  • Video of the Week: Rickie Fowler Makes Hole in One for $1,000,000 for Els Foundation

    Not often does the biggest golf shot of the week happen on Monday, but that was definitely the case March 7th, when Rickie Fowler made a hole-in-one at a pro-am tournament for the Els for Autism Foundation, and that triggered a $1 million donation to the charity from software maker SAP.

  • Video: SCGA Rules Crew - You Can Bean Your Opponent And Use It To Your Advantage (Rule 19-1)

    Okay, well, you're not supposed to do it on purpose, but if you do happen to accidentally hit your opponent with a shot during Match Play it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • 'Canadian Ninjas' To Compete On Altered Course Reality Golf Series

    Former Teammates On The UBC Thunderbirds Golf Squad, Kyla Inaba (L) And Eileen Kelly Have Reunited To Compete On The New Golf Reality Series Altered Course - Image Courtesy Golf Channel

    Golf Channel recently announced a new reality competition series, Altered Course, that combines golf, speed, fitness, teamwork and decision-making as teams navigate re-imagined and extreme golf holes in excess of 700 yards, traversing the natural obstacles and challenging terrain as fast as possible.

    Altered Course’s inaugural season will take place in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    Of particular interest to Canadians, and British Columbians specifically, is the team of Eileen Kelly and Kyla Inaba, calling themselves the #Canadian Ninjas.