Individual Membership

For Individual Golfers Interested In Becoming A British Columbia Golf Member, Here's How To Join:

Join a British Columbia Golf Member Golf Club with Property

If you become a “golfing member” at a British Columbia Golf member golf course, you will automatically become a member of both British Columbia Golf and Golf Canada.

Your annual dues will be collected and paid by your club and submitted to British Columbia Golf. At that time, your golf professional or club manager will issue you with a British Columbia Golf/Golf Canada Membership and access to your membership benefits including the Handicapping system. Membership cards are no longer printed. Digital cards are available within the app and Score Centre.

Click HERE to join now. 

Join the British Columbia Golf Public Player’s Club

The British Columbia Golf Player’s Club is a “virtual” member golf club of British Columbia Golf. It is just like any other club except it is not attached to a physical golf course and members typically play golf at public play facilities.

Membership in the British Columbia Golf Player’s Club is open to any golfer, regardless of age or gender, as long as they reside in British Columbia. The fee to join the Player’s Club is only $59.95 + Applicable Taxes.

For more information on the Public Player’s Club and how to join, please click here.

Existing members or members wishing to login to renew membership, please click here.

Form or Join Your Own Member Group

Any group of 15 or more golfers who are not members of a private or semi-private golf club can form their own Public Player Member Group and apply for membership in British Columbia Golf and Golf Canada. Individual golfers then join by becoming a member of these Public Player Clubs.

To learn more about this option please contact Corrie Wong at or 604.279.2580 x 202.

To see Membership Opportunities with British Columbia Golf Member Clubs CLICK HERE