Helpful Golf Specific Tips To Work On At Home

During this time of uncertainty and disruption to our regular routines both at home and in the community, we'd like to make this space available for readers to access the many golf tips on line that can be done away from the golf course or driving range, so either at home or in the back yard. 

We'll search for informative and hopefully entertaining articles and share the links with you in this section. Check back regularly to see what's been newly posted to help get you ready for when we head back out to the golf course.

While this page will focus mainly on golf-specific drills that can be done at home, we are also creating a page that will be more directed at exercises and fitness that are useful for golf as well as everyday life.

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Here Are 7 At-Home Drills From Ryder Cup Captain Padraig Harrington

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By Zephyr Melton/

Padraig Harrington has been busy lately. With the implementation of social distancing around the world, the European Ryder Cup captain has stayed home and taken to posting drills every day to help his followers with their games.

Fromchipping drills to drills that help get you into proper impact position, Harrington has plenty of knowledge to share to help you improve your game. Here’s the full library of Padraig Harrington instructionals:

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 How To Use Your Kitchen Floor To Fix Your Putting Stroke

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By Luke Kerr-Dineen /

Welcome to Home Practice, a 5-part weekly series where one of our GOLF Top 100 Teachers will take you through a series of simple drills you can do, from your home, and still keep your game sharp. This week our host is Jonathan Yarwood, a world-renowned coach, who first-up has some advice on how to improve your putting using the floor.

When it comes to putting, Yarwood says golfers should plan to use the “geometry of the floor” to help align your putterface and body, and get into a square position.

“Putting is 95 percent setup,” Yarwood says.

And the good news is, there’s a pretty simple way to make sure your setup is locked-in. Click HERE to see complete article. 

Here’s How To Practice The Correct Golf Grip In Your Living Room


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By Luke Kerr-Dineen /

Changing your grip can be one of the hardest changes in golf. It’s your only connection to the golf club, and changing that connection can feel awkward, which can effect your overall confidence. The only way to make a lasting grip change is to power through it. To practice gripping and re-gripping the club over and over and over again.

The good news is you don’t need to be on the golf course in order to do it. Just ask one of our GOLF Top 100 Teachers Jonathan Yarwood. He says you can do it sitting on the sofa watching TV (or reading!).

But when you do, you just have to make sure you do two things along the way: Click HERE to see complete article. 

Here Are Some Short-Game Fundamentals You Can Work On In Your Backyard

By Zephyr Melton /

If you’re like most people in the world these days, you have lots of time at home on your hands. And while this might sound like this will be a detriment to your golf game, it doesn’t have to be.

We enlisted the help of GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jonathan Yarwood to craft a five-part plan for improving your game while stuck at home. Today’s lesson is a short-game fundamentals refresher. Watch the video above or read below for more.

The setup is a key foundation for any good short-game player. At address, get your feet close together and point your toes ahead of the ball.

“Your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are aiming at 11 o’clock if the target is 12,” Yarwood says. When making your swing, think of a gentle turning motion; nothing too exaggerated. Your wrists should be what “creates the artistry.”

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Here’s A Simple At-Home Drill For Maintaining Swing Speed


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By Zephyr Melton /

Self isolation doesn’t mean your golf game has to suffer. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the game without ever leaving the safe, sterile confines of your home (#playingthrough challenge, anyone?).

One of the areas of your home that can be especially useful for your golf game is your garage, and GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jonathan Yarwood gave us some tips for garage practice that’ll have you swinging as fast as ever when you get the chance to head back to the course. Watch the video above or read below for more.

“I like to swing in my garage because it has a low roof and a low ceiling,” Yarwood says. “What I don’t want to do is lift my arms like a lot of people do. I would poke the ceiling.”

By swinging in this confined space, it forces you to have a more compact swing. Click HERE for complete article.

How To Make An Indoor Outdoor Golf Practice Net


This is a project to make a golf practice net out of PVC material, netting, and some very basic skills with power tools. It is easily put together and taken apart, and works well for indoor or outdoor use.

Click HERE to see how to make your homestyle golf practice net. 

Indoor Book Putting Drill

The Book Putting Drill from Maria Palozola is a great indoor drill for working on your path, face, and making sure you're hitting the sweet spot

Maria Palozola/

The first thing you will need is 2 thick books. Just lay them on the ground with the spine of the books running parallel to each other and at your target. They should be positioned apart just wider than the width of your clubhead.

Next, lay a ball in the middle and start rolling puts. Because the books provide a border for you it will be impossible to miss the sweet spot of the putter.

Click HERE to see video and complete article.

Choke Down Indoor Chipping Drill

This is a great drill from Maria Palozola for stopping the all too common wrist flip when chipping

Maria Palozola/

1. Setup for a chip with your favorite greenside chipping club.

2. Next, choke down about half way down the shaft. Notice how the butt end of the grip is pointed away from you and up the left side of your body (for right handers).

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How Social Isolation Can Actually Help *Improve* Your Golf Game

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By Baden Schaff, CEO of Skillest

Trying to get better at golf is really hard. There are so many barriers to overcome. Do we have time to practice? Can we find a coach that is right for us? But I actually think there is one obstacle that is bigger than any other, and it is going to sound counterintuitive:

It’s your weekend round of golf.

Most of my students think they need playing at least once a week to progress their game when it’s usually the opposite.

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Eliminate 3-Putts

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Do three-putts consistently derail your rounds? In this tip, Cameron McCormick talks about the importance of tempo when putting from long range and demonstrates a drill to help develop the perfect putting tempo.

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How To Make The Golf Hole Bigger When You Putt, According To Science

By Luke Kerr-Dineen/

We’ve all been there. We know what it’s like. You’re standing over a makeable putt — maybe it’s for birdie, or for a clutch par — so you decide to give it a little something extra. You hit the putt firm, watch as it rolls towards the hole… and then groan in agony as it slams against the lip and bounces away. So unlucky!

Or is it?

Many golfers take it as a given that, if they really want to make a putt, they should hit it hard. “Never up, never in,” and all that. But that’s only true if you’re in danger of leaving your ball short of the hole. You want to make sure your ball gets to the hole, of course, but you don’t want to be trying to smash your ball into the cup. Turns out that may actually make holing the putt even harder and cause more lip-outs, according to Trackman Golf.

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Four At-Home Drills Anybody Can Do To Fix Their Game's Biggest Flaws

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With golfers forced to do most of their practicing from home, the demand of training aids and indoor equipment has skyrocketed. But, you don’t have to wait on backordered items to improve your game. Two of Golf Digest’s top state-ranked teachers have great drills you can do using items around the house.

In the videos below, Jason Guss from Michigan and Ashley Moss from Arizona will help you ditch your slice for good, start compressing your irons, master high pitch shots and get out of the bunker every time—all things you can do from home. You can make just as much progress from home as you can at the course. All it takes is some extra time, which many of us have at the moment. So grab a club and get to work!

Click HERE for complete article and to see videos.

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