The landscape of amateur golf has changed dramatically since the sport obtained official sport status by Sport Canada in 2005. On a provincial level the sport of golf has also been transformed by becoming a part of the BC Summer Games in 2004 and the Canada Summer Games in 2009. This has resulted in much more funding available for the development of our BC athletes.

It is the goal of British Columbia Golf to assist in the development of our athletes and aid them to become among the best players both nationally and internationally. As a result of the changes in amateur golf, the role of the golf coach has been transformed as well. A coach teaches much more than just the mechanics of the golf swing. Coaching now focuses on the development of all aspects of the athlete and includes such things as sports psychology, fitness training and nutrition.

Additional Coaching Information


High Performance

British Columbia Golf is committed to developing a well-rounded performance program as supported by the Long Term Player Development framework for golf in Canada. As stated in the 2017-2020 strategic plan of the Association, superior performance and highly qualified coaches are key goals and essential in providing all BC players with best in class.

BC players and teams are systematically achieving national and international results at the highest levels of competitions through the core values of British Columbia Golf: ethical practices, inclusiveness, respectful and responsive programs and services. These services provide the guidance and benchmarks required to support the elite golfer effectively on the technical development pathway to enhanced excellence.