British Columbia Golf P2F

Playground to Fairway School Golf Program

Playground to Fairway (P2F) is British Columbia Golf’s school program introducing basic golf skills and general physical literacy to school-aged children throughout B.C. in a simple, safe and fun way. 

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P2F is guided by the Long Term Athlete Development Guide for Golf in Canada and uses the 'Learn to Play' stage of development. The program is expanding to reach children from kindergarten to grade 12. 

The physical activity for each session is guided by a trained Playground to Fairway Coach, with help from teachers and volunteers, in a comfortable setting to ensure everyone has a fun, positive experience learning the basics of golf. 

School Principals and Teachers please Click HERE for introductory letter to P2F School Program

Attention Coaches – Click HERE If you wish to become certified to teach P2F



Future Links Driven By Acura

Future Links Driven By Acura 2019 Championship Events

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Girls’ Club

About Future Links Driven by Acura

Future Links Driven by Acura gives children ages 6-18 the chance to enjoy and learn the game of golf via affordable and accessible programs that align and support the principles of golf's long-term player development guide, which has been endored by Sport Canada.

More than 1 million junior golfers have successfully participated in Future Links programming sinces its inceptions in 1996.

SOAR Jointly Delivers School Sport Programs

SOAR (Sharing Our Activities and Resources) is a program created through a unique partnership between British Columbia Golf, Tennis BC and Curl BC

Funded by ViaSport, SOAR jointly delivers school sport programs to elementary school aged children in Northern Communities at a low cost to the participants. Children receive introductions to golf, tennis and curling at the “FUN-damentals” level in their school gyms. Teachers also receive instructions alongside their students, learning the skills to lead students in future PE classes. 

By becoming a SOAR School Coach, you can run a school SOAR program as a Rocks & Rings, P2F and Play & Learn Tennis instructor. You will promote active living and increase junior participation in all three sports.

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Golf in Schools

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors the Golf in Schools Program is bringing the game of golf to Canadian schools. This program has been developed for teachers to provide students the opportunity to develop aspects of 'physical literacy' related to the sport of golf, and increase student knowledge and appreciation for the sport of golf.

To learn more about Golf in Schools visit the official website HERE.

Future Links Driven By Acura Get Linked Initiative

The Future Links Driven by Acura Golf In Schools (GIS) Program has been introduced to nearly 3,500 elementary schools since its inception in 2009 and over 300 high schools since 2012. The program continues to grow each year, with more and more new young Canadians being introduced to the sport in their physical education classes.

The natural next step to growing youth participation in the game of golf in Canada is to connect kids introduced to the game through the in-school program with 'green-grass facilities' engaged in delivering best-in-class junior golf programs, to further introduce the sport and assist in developing a passion for golf.

Through the development of the ‘Get Linked’ initiatives, Golf Canada is strengthening the link between schools running the Future Links, driven by Acura Golf in Schools program and facilities engaged in delivering Future Links, driven by Acura programs. Under the ‘Get Linked’ umbrella, there are two concepts that will assist in bringing us closer to this vision.

More information on the two initiatives can be found below:

1. In School Visits Visits

2. Field Trip Program