Handicap System Workshops & Webinars

Attendees will learn how handicap factors are determined, how tournament scores work into the equation, how to compete equitably from different sets of tees, when to post scores and which scores are acceptable for posting. The role of Golf Canada, British Columbia Golf, the Handicap Committee and the Player will be clarified as will how these four groups, working together, make the handicap system work.




Provincial Course Rating Seminars

We’re always looking to develop new course raters for our rating teams. If you are interested in becoming involved in your zone, please contact our office or your zone for more information. Course raters are involved in:

  • measuring golf courses
  • evaluating obstacles and conditions that affect playing length
  • computing a Course Rating and Slope Rating based on the measurements and evaluations

Contact Kojo at for more information.


Rules of Golf Seminars on the Code effective January 1, 2019


The chart below compares the Levels from 2018 to what will be in place for 2019:

2018 2019
Level 1 (Online) Level 1 (Online)
Level 2 (Online)  
Level 3 (Provincial) Level 2 (Provincial)
Level 4 (National) Level 3 (National)


Level 1 provides an interesting and easy way to learn the basics of the Rules of Golf. This level will focus on Etiquette, the principle definitions and commonly encountered situations on the course. As part of the Level 1 program, students will be able to test their knowledge by taking the review questions at the end of each section before attempting the online Level 1 Exam. To begin your Rules Education, start here.


Level 2 (provincial certification) seminars will be conducted by provincial golf associations, and the curriculum will begin to look at the more important playing Rules in detail. Some of the complexities that are found in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf are introduced along while also implementing on-course demonstrations. Level 2 (Provincial) will be designed for individuals with an involvement in tournament administration, or a desire to have such an involvement.


Level 3 (national certification) will consist of a three-day seminar run by Golf Canada. It serves to give guidance and advice on refereeing at the highest level. This program is intended for experienced referees who wish to improve both their technical and practical knowledge as a referee.

General seminars (1 day) as well as self-paced and club level (90 minute) seminars will be available begining in January. Final dates to be determined. 


Spring 2019

Level 2 Provincial Certification (previously Level 3)

Provincial Certification on code to come into effect January 1, 2019. This sessions is intended for experienced referees, individuals who have completed Level 2 on the 2016 code and individuals with a solid understanding of the Rules of Golf. The seminar will be focused mainly on the changes to the Rules for 2019 with less time spent on officiating. There will be an opportunity for those who attended the fall 2018 seminar to do an exam only, if they wish to improve upon their grade. 

Optional on-line advance study sessions - 

During these sessions, we will go through a series of True/False & Multiple Choice questions. Individuals will have the opportunity to be on the "hot seat" and test their knowledge of the Rules as well as exercises on navigating through the Rule Book. 

First session Tuesday, January 8th, 5:00 pm PST. Continuing most Tuesdays through to March 12 (10 sessions). Each session approximately 2 hours. 

Once registered, webinar details will be provided.

Entry requirements for the 2019 Provincial Level 2:

Priority will be given who (maximum 30 participants):

  • - have acheived 70% or better on a Level 3 exam written in 2013 or later; or
  • - have achieved 70% or better on a Level 4 exam written in 2013 or later, or
  • - have achieved 75% or better on a USGA Rules exam written in 2013 or later,
  • - or have passed their Level 2 exam and completed the practical hours in 2013 or later.


March 29 - March 31, 2019 Victoria (Royal Colwood GC)Open for RegistrationNote: the id/password is not your Golf Canada Score Center Id/password. This will be a unique id/password for seminar registration. If you have problems, please email . 

Level 3 National Certification (previously Level 4)

Rules Seminar Information

Golf Canada’s seminars on the 2019 Rules of Golf are intended for experienced referees.

The  2019 seminar will be focused mainly on the changes to the Rules for 2019 with less time spent on officiating.

The spring workshop will have a different exam from the fall 2018. This will allow anyone who took the exam in the fall of 2018 to also take the exam given in the spring of 2019, should there be a need or desire to do so.

Entry requirements for the 2019 National Level 3:

3-DAY SEMINARS (Fri. – Sun.)

Priority for registration for the fall 2018 series of Rules of Golf seminars on the 2019 Rules of Golf will be given to persons who:

  • have achieved 85% or better on the Level 3 Rules Exam written in 2013 or later; or
  • have achieved 85% or better on the Level 4 Rules Exam written in 2013 or later; or
  • have achieved 70% or better on the USGA Rules Exam written in 2013 or later;


  • have completed the required practical hours for Level 3 or Level 4

Register Here

2019 Spring National Rules Seminars

March 29 – March 31 | Moncton, N.B. (Location: TBD)

March 29 – March 31 | Victoria, B.C. (Royal Colwood GC)

April 5 – 7  | Ottawa, Ont. (Location: TBD)

April 26 – 28 | Montreal, Q.C. (FRENCH Only – Location: TBD)

April 26 – 28 | Winnipeg, M.B. (Location: TBD)


Are you interested in hosting a workshop? If your club or group would like to have your own workshop, please contact Doug Hastie, Senior Manger Field Operations 604-279-2580 ext 203 or 888-833-2242