Handicap System Workshops & Webinars

Attendees will learn how handicap factors are determined, how tournament scores work into the equation, how to compete equitably from different sets of tees, when to post scores and which scores are acceptable for posting. The role of Golf Canada, British Columbia Golf, the Handicap Committee and the Player will be clarified as will how these four groups, working together make the handicap system work.

Staff Member Susan White Educates at a Handicap Seminar in 2012

2017 Webinars

April 10th, 2017 9:00 am or 3:00 pm  - CLICK HERE

Provincial Course Rating Seminars

We’re always looking to develop new course raters for our rating teams. If you are interested in becoming involved at your zone, please contact our office or your zone for more information. Course raters are involved in:

  • measuring golf courses
  • evaluating obstacles and conditions that affect playing length
  • computing a Course Rating and Slope Rating based on the measurements and evaluations

Contact Kojo at for more information.


A Group of Course Rating Seminar Participants Look on at Richmond CC in 2012

Rules of Golf Seminars

Rules of Golf Education Pathway

Rules of Golf – General Workshops

This is a general rules workshop for those who wish to know more about the rules or those who require a brush up. It’s a fun day, with time for questions and answers from our experts.

Golf Canada Level 1

This is a beginner program that introduces the basic concepts and language of the Rules of Golf. Examples, videos, animations and exercises are used to introduce the student to the principles of the Rules and how to use the Rules book. The program is ideal for juniors, beginners and golfers who have had no previous experience with the Rules. This program is available online by clicking on the link below.

Golf Canada Level 2

Level of the program builds on the experience of Level 1 and introduces the key reference manual for officials: the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. This publication is the key to understanding how the Rules of Golf are applied on the course. In addition to introducing some of the fundamental rules through examples, videos and exercises, Level 2 teaches the student how to use the Decisions book effectively when the Rules book alone does not provide the answer.

Level 1 & 2 may be accessed through the following link: Golf Canada Rules Education

Golf Canada Level 3 Provincial Rules of Golf Seminar

This seminar is for those who have completed Level 2 of the Golf Canada Rules of Golf program or equivalent.

2017 Webinar

Beginning January 9th and continuing through Febuary 15th on Monday and Wednesday of each week, we hope to deliver the Level 3 Seminar to you on line. Each session will begin at 5:00 pm PST and should run approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. You must be able to commit to attending all of these sessions, or at least most, in order for us to properly provide the program to you.

At the end of the first module, you will have an opporutunity to attend additional 2 hours sessions (once per week) where we will prepare individuals to successfully pass the Level 3 exam (8 session in total - beginning Wednesday, February 15th). These sessions are optional, we only ask attendees to indicate which session they may not be attending, with some advance notice. For these prep sessions, we will have a maximum number of active participants each week - no more than 10. All others will be able to audit.

In advance of the sessions, we will provide you with a variety of study materials electronically. You are expected to have a current copy of The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf. As this is an on-line webinar, it is important for your participation you have a good headset with built-in microphone. Due to feedback, the use of a computers built in features is not allowed.

On April 27th, there will be an opportunity to write the 3 hour Level 3 exam. There is no cost for this program, including the writing of the exam, however, you are responsible for your travel costs to write the exam, as well as any food/beverage costs. The venue will be in the Lower Mainland - site to be confirmed. For those of you who are not able to attend the April 27th date, I may be able to conduct another "exam" date in early May - to be confirmed.

If you are interested, and I do strongly encourage you to attend, Golf Canada is conducting a Tournament Administration and Referee's School (TARS) beining on April 27th and running  through to April 30th (after the exam). This session is for Level 2 who are moving or interested in moving to Level 3, as well as all Level 3 and 4.  The formal sessions begin after the exams (both Level 3 and 4 exams). Learn from some of Canada's most experienced tournament administrators and rules officials, as well as a special guest from the R&A. There will be presentations, demonstration, role playing and lots of opportunity to ask questions, be involved and come away with a better understanding of the Rules and their application.  The cost for this seminar (registration through Golf Canada) is $300 and includes breaks and lunch. Venue Raddison Hotel Airport, Richmond.

To register for the on-line Level 3 Delivery, . Space is limited to 20 participants.

See below for information on TARS.

A Rules Situation Being Described Level 3 Rules Education Classes (Pitt Meadows GC)


2017 Golf Canada Level 4 National Rules of Golf Seminars

These seminars are for those who have completed Level 3 of the Golf Canada Rules of Golf program or equivalent.

  • March 31 - April 2, Calgary, AB
  • March 31 - April 2, Oakville, ON
  • April 21 - 23, Montreal, QC (French)
  • April 21 - 23, St. John's, NL

2017 Golf Canada Tournament Adminstration & Referees' School

  • April 27 - 30, Richmond, BC - open to those certified at Level 2, 3 or 4 and PGA of Canada Professionals.

 Visit the Golf Canada Rules Education Section for more information.

Are you interested in hosting a workshop? If your club or group would like to have your own workshop, please contact Susan White, Senior Manger Field Operations 604-279-2580 x125 or 888-833-2242 email