BCG Contests 2015

The Picking The Majors Contest powered by Inside Golf... Make your picks to win a Nike Vapor Driver!


They tee off next Thursday and it’s time to make your picks for the Open Championship. All entries will have the chance to win one of the hot, new Nike Vapor Drivers.

The amazingly easy “PICKING THE MAJORS” Fantasy Golf Contest. Simply pick the player from each pair who you think is more likely to do better at the year’s next major… and you are done.

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How You Win…

Points are awarded in two ways... one for picking the player will do better out of each pair (10 points) plus bonus points for how highly your pick finishes.

If your pick:

makes the cut–1 point
finishes from 11th-place through the 20th-place—2 points
finishes from fourth-place through the 10th-place—3 points
finishes in third-place—5 points
finishes runner-up—10 points
finishes as the winner—20 points
Get the most points from the players you choose and you win.


The prizes associated with each Major are:

Grand Prize

Nike Vapor Driver
1 Dozen Nike RZN Black Golf Balls
Tour Perforated Hat (valued at $500+)
2nd Place Runners’ Up Prize

Runner Up
1 Dozen Nike RZN Black Golf Balls
Tour Perforated Hat (valued at $100)

Special Injured Player Rule

Please note that in the event one player from a pair does not compete due to injury, then all contestants who picked that player will automatically have their pick switched to the other player in that pair. This rule only applies when a player does not start the first round. It does not apply when they withdraw after competition has begun.

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- The contest is open to all Canadian residents
- Each major is a separate contest.
- Ties will be broken first by the #11 pick (which includes 4 choices) and then via a blind draw.

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Remember the idea is to pick who will finish in a higher position at tournament's end... and that may not necessarily be who has a greater likelihood of winning.

To help you make your decision, Inside Golf has compiled some basic results stats that you can review as you make your choices:

1) Their current Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR)
2) The results from the three most recent tournaments played worldwide on any tour are included so you can see how they are performing coming into this major.
3) The results from the last three majors whether or not they played in them.
4) The results from the last two years for this particular major.
* (DNP means did not play while MC or CUT means they did not make the cut to play on the weekend).

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To see Senior Writer Alfie Lau's selections and the reasons why he makes his choices, click HERE