Holy Cow...There Is A 'Do-over' Rule In Golf - It's 26-2 "The Regression Rule"

We've been posting these rules videos on British Columbia Golf for some time and thought we'd pretty much come across every permutation of the rules out there. Until now.

There is an option within the rules of golf, that being rule 26-2 - also know as the 'regression rule' - which essentially allows you a 'do-over'.

Now, to a great many golfers, how to proceed under the rules of golf after it has been determined that your ball indeed entered a 'water hazard' is reasonably straightforward.

Once you understand the 3 options available to you for a yellow staked water hazard or the additional 2 (making it 5) options to deal with a red (lateral) staked water hazard you'd think that was it.

Apparently not. Seems that if you are within the boundaries of a water hazard, decide you can play it and then hack it even further into the murky depths....the rules of golf will actually take pity on you and allow you to go back outside the hazard and try again (you do have to add a penalty stroke for that move, but at least it's not as debilitating as you might have thought).

Confused? Of course you are...that's why the Rules Crew from the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) is here to show you what we're talking about. And yes, we are still stunned that we didn't know about this rule. Because we thought we knew everything....honestly....a 'do-over'? Really?

Watch The Video