A ‘How-To’ Guide On Viewing The U.S. Open At Chambers Bay

Brown Is The New Green As Evidenced By This View Of The Chambers Bay Layout For The 2015 U.S. Open - Image Credit Kris Jonasson

by Kris Jonasson, Executive Director - British Columbia Golf

Tuesday I attended, along with my friend Dana Prince, my first golf event in many years strictly as a spectator.

Here is what I learned and what you should know before heading down to the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay.

The transportation system is good. Go online pick your lot and let the drivers bus you into the venue. You get dropped at the front gate and that’s where you return to catch the shuttle back to your lot.

Don’t bring a backpack.

I did and my backpack spent a lonely day in a security room just outside the main entrance.

If you bring a purse it will be examined and you may have to transfer the contents into a clear plastic bag. 

IPads are too big to bring on site and yes there is WiFi but no using your cell outside designated areas.

Do wear sunscreen and have good walking shoes.

Chambers Bay is big… and I mean really big.

There are great viewing stands at almost every hole but some of the elevation changes will leave you breathless so choose your route carefully. 

It is possible to see a lot of golf in a relatively flat environment but there are holes with huge elevation changes.

Good walking shoes are a must. 

If you have mobility issues there are single passenger motorized carts.

Do spend some time in the main entrance area.

The merchandise tent is amazing.

The tent is 41,000 square feet of U.S. Open items.

There are 60 cash registers and they will process 130,000 transactions this week.

I registered at the USGA Member Clubhouse and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the merchandise area.

Snapped a picture of a new set of USGA rules (see photo above).

Join the USGA online before you come and then register in the USGA Member Clubhouse.

There are some great interactive displays and technology is  being used in a great way to showcase what the USGA does for golfers and the game.

image credit kris jonasson

Dana Prince (L) With Fiona Dolan, The Senior Manager Of Membership For The USGA

Brown is the new green. The only green I saw was the apparel in ‘Seattle Seahawk’ colours. Chambers Bay is all fescue, it plays hard and fast and I think it looks stunning.

Food options are great and who knew that Ruth's Chris had a mobile operation? This is the Pacific Northwest so, yes, there is Starbucks.

image credit kris jonasson

Practice round days are the best time to visit. You get to watch your favourite players practice different shots and see what they go through to learn a new golf course. You can pick out the spots where you want to watch live action and remember to PVR the telecast so you can watch later.

You will not be able to follow one group for the whole round so plan out where you need to head to see as much as possible of your favourite player.

And smile, everyone else is.