A Good Sign For Golf

Sign and Image Credit: The Links at Brunello/Nova Scotia

Those who play, watch, follow, volunteer in, administrate or are somehow involved with golf will be the first to attest that there are very unique elements to the game that fascinate and contribute to it being such a passion-inducing pursuit.

One particular editor we know has come to respond to the question of 'What is it that you like most about golf?' with the simple observation that, "It's where you get to be..." as in, outside on a golf course, with friends and/or others who share your love of being in that environment for all the right reasons.

That said, it can be easy to lose sight of what may have attracted us to the game in the first place. That's why, when presented with a reminder such as the one so eloquently displayed on the sign at The Links at Brunello in Nova Scotia, we felt it should be shared with as many others as possible.

We'd like to do that on a regular basis, so if you have an interesting sign at your club or know of one that you'd like to share with the golf community please feel free to let us know (contact: Bryan Outram at bryan@britishcolumbiagolf.org).

Send along a photo if you can and we'll be sure to post and share with those who visit the British Columbia Golf website as well as receive our bi-weekly newsletter and monthly digital magazine, The Scorecard. 

- British Columbia Golf