The ModGolf Podcast: Building An Engaging Platform For The Everyday Golfer

In the first episode of season 12 for the ModGolf Podcast, show host and creator, Colin Weston, speaks with Jordan Lunetta, Co-Founder Of Odin Golf. 

Jordan shares how they apply a tech startup approach to disrupt the traditional golf product space, are early adopters experimenting with NFTs and much more.

"We're on the course one day and we're not having a great round. We're donating to the lake and the forest. We look at each other and say, 'Why aren't we losing our own golf balls? Why are we losing golf balls of brands that are old?' They're stuffy and they don't speak to us as digital natives. We are the next generation of golfers who are the rebel rousers (sic) in a good way, who are consuming things in much different ways. And given the four of us built and scaled tech companies we said, 'before we do anything, what are our ambitions?' And we have big ambitions to take ODIN to golfers across the globe. We have a vision of building a platform for the everyday golfer."

- Jordan Lunetta, Co-Founder Of Odin Golf

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"Why are we using expensive gear from old, stuffy brands that don’t really speak to us? So what the old stuffy incumbent brands are doing for the PGA TOUR, we're doing for everyone else. That's our sweet spot in the market, which is really exciting."