Video: Celebrities In Golf Carts - Kunal Nayyar (Raj From The Big Bang Theory)

FOX Sports Radio Host Mark Willard (L) Is Joined On The Golf Course For A Round By The Big Bang Theory's 'Raj Koothrappali' - Known In Real Life As Kunal Nayyar (R) - YouTube Image

Most of us are pretty interested in seeing how public figures, especially celebrities, handle themselves on the golf course.

A little while back the SCGA (Southern California Golf Association), the people who regularly bring us those entertaining and informative Rules Crew videos, thought it would be a good idea to film a round of golf, including the back and forth banter, involving FOX Sports radio host Mark Willard and a willing celebrity.

In this instalment, television and film star Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali to all the Big Bang Theory fans out there - shows us his golf skills along with his dry wit, while also sharing some personal insights.