The ModGolf Podcast: A Non-Profit On A Mission To Revolutionize The Golfing Experience

In this episode of The ModGolf Podcast, show host and creator, Colin Weston, speaks with Nick Darby from Get Golfing which is a UK non-profit that acquires and revitalizes distressed golf properties.

While returning from The 2024 PGA Show Demo Day in Orlardo on a shuttle bus, host Colin Weston sat beside someone and asked how his day went. That young man was Nick Darby, who was attending on behalf of Get Golfing.  After an engaging bus ride conversation, Colin asked Nick if he would tell the Get Golfing story on The ModGolf Podcast.

"Here in the UK we have this issue which I don't see too much globally, where lots of our golf courses are either financially suffering while the land value is increasing. So many golf courses are being bought up, slabbed over with cement and housing estates are being built on them. We are on a mission to change this trend."

- Nick Darby / Get Golfing

"So on the charity side of it, we reinvest and try to acquire golf courses that are going under and put money back into them, back into the communities and really get that golf course to prosper. It sounds like it's an impossible task because we've only ever operated one golf course to then knowing that we had another golf course that was 300 miles away. It was exhilarating. It was fantastic to go into these golf clubs and say to the staff, 'You've still got a job, come and work for us. It's going to be fantastic.' And then also tell the members of the golf club. 'Hey, you're not going anywhere. You're going to stay right here. Your golf course is going to stay open.' And that feeling is just incredible and that's why we do what we do. It's because golf is just so important and we owe so much to the game of golf and this is how we give it back"

- Nick Darby / Get Golfing