Establishing Local Rules

Golf Canada

In addition to the Rules of Golf, clubs and committees may implement Local Rules that pertain specifically to their golf course or competition. Local Rules are created to deal with unusual or abnormal conditions on the golf course. At the club level, these often appear on the score card or posted in the locker rooms. For competition, local rules must not be introduced or altered after a stroke play round has started, but in some cases may be introduced or altered between rounds.

Each year Golf Canada adopts a set of Standard Local Rules which are in place at all competitions conducted by Golf Canada. These Standard Local Rules (often referred to as the “hard card”) form part of the Rules under which Golf Canada competitions are conducted, regardless of the location. Clubs and Committees may wish to consider these Local Rules for their own use.

In addition, clubs and committees should consider several other items when designing local rules for their golf course. The list to the right is not comprehensive and reference should also be made to Appendix 1 of the Rules of Golf and Rule 33-8 of Golf Canada’s Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

Local Rules may be established under the following headings ( as examples), click here for more information and a complete list from Golf Canada.

Young Trees

Stones in Bunkers

Practice Areas

Out of Bounds

Overhead Power Lines

Embedded Balls