From Tuques to Tee Times: A Canadian's Tale at the WM Phoenix Open

Shayain Gustavsp Is In Scottdale To Experience The WM Phoenix Open -  Image Credit: Shayain Gustavsp

Editor's Note: This week, BC's Golf contributor, Shayain Gustavsp ('Coach Shayain' to many of her students and social media followers), has flown south to take in the very unique spectacle that is the WM Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shayain will be posting daily observations from the 'Greatest Show on Grass' offering a wide-eyed Canadian's perspective on both the golf and the party-like atomosphere that surrounds the TPC Scottsdale's Stadium Course.

By Shayain Gustavsp (Special To BC Golf)

Heading to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, I was buzzing with the excitement of a snowbird fleeing the chill, ready to soak up Scottsdale's desert sun. Yet, Mother Nature had a twist in store, swapping my sunhat for a tuque as Vancouver's signature drizzle followed me to Arizona.

Who knew the desert could feel like a brisk day by the Pacific? Thank goodness for my stash of Lululemon layers – a shoutout to my Canadian roots and a lifesaver for weather-whiplashed golf enthusiasts like me. Lesson learned: even in the land of cacti, layering is key!

Phoenix greeted me with open arms and unexpected small talk, making this Canadian feel right at home amidst the weather's curveballs. The warmth of the locals was a heartwarming echo of the friendly banter we cherish back in the Great White North.

The buzz around the tournament is palpable, especially with a trio of BC's finest ready to swing their hearts out. Amidst the weather mayhem, I caught a heartwarming scene – Adam Hadwin, our pride from Abbotsford, braving the chill to share smiles and autographs with the young fans. A true testament to the Canadian spirit, unphased by a little hail, rain or cold.

Image Credit Shayain Gustavsp/BC Golf

BC's Adam Hadwin Signs An Autograph For A Young Fan At The WM Phoenix Open

This week, we're not just spectators; we're part of a larger narrative, cheering on our Canadian talents as they navigate the greens amid a desert storm. Will our knack for the cold give them an edge? Only time will tell. But one thing's for certain – our Canadian courtesy shines bright, making the Waste Management Phoenix Open feel like the "People's Open," a fitting stage for our 'sorry's and 'pardon me's.

Stay tuned, and let's rally behind our homegrown heroes – from Corey Connors in the East to our Surrey star Adam Svensson, and Abbotsford's finest, Nick Taylor and Adam Hadwin. The desert's chill has nothing on our Canadian warmth and camaraderie.

Image Credit Shayain Gustavsp/BC Golf

Exuberant Fans Smile As The Weather Perked Up At The TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course 

And don't forget, this is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for my articles on Friday and Saturday, where I'll dive into the electric atmosphere of the tournament and share firsthand experiences. Plus, if you're planning to join the excitement at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, check out my latest YouTube video. I'll be revealing my favorite underrated hole that offers the best seat in the house for true golf aficionados, along with essential tips on what to bring for an unforgettable experience. 

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