Video: Nick Taylor's 72-Footer For The Win Of A Lifetime

If you are Canadian, it is definitely a bona fide 'Where were you when' moment. Depending on one's age you may recall Paul Henderson's winning goal for Canada against Russia in the final minute of the final game in what became known as the 'Summit Series' hockey tournament back in September of 1972.

Or Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal against the Americans in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Of course, there's Mike Weir's playoff victory over Len Mattiace to capture the 2003 Masters title, the only major ever won by a Canadian. And now this...Nick Taylor's improbable 72-foot bomb of a putt on the 4th playoff hole of the RBC Canadian Open to defeat England's Tommy Fleetwood and become the first Canadian in 69 years to win our National Professional Men's Golf Championship. 

Pat Fletcher was the last Canadian to win the event back in 1954 at Vancouver's Point Grey Golf & Country Club and Canadian golf fans had been reminded of that...every...year...since. No disrespect to Mr. Fletcher or his family, but Canada is definitely ready to talk about the newest 'last Canadian to win' our national open. Thank you, Nick Taylor.

There's so much to be said and enjoyed about that moment and indeed the entire tournament. But watching the PGA TOUR video of the broadcasting moment on CBS does a fine job of capturing the joy, celebration and relief of an entire country.

Oh...and a viral social media moment accidentally produced by Taylor's friend and fellow Canadian on Tour, Adam Hadwin, now eternally linked with Taylor's spectacular winning moment.