I've Played Over 1,000 Courses And These Are My Favourite 10

The Spectacular Course At Thracian Cliffs On The Black Sea Is An All-Time Favourite - (Image credit: Thracian Cliffs)

- Golf Monthly contributing editor Rob Smith selects ten of his all-time favourite golf courses from all over the world - 

Having played my first round of golf while still a student, I have now enjoyed playing a very full and vibrant rainbow of courses in almost 50 countries. My tally currently stands at 1,176, but unless you are reading this very soon after publication, it will hopefully now be higher.

Being asked to select my favourite 10 is a challenging task, but after a great deal of thought, this is how it currently stands. I was keen to split the selection geographically, and happily it worked out neatly with 6 in the UK&I - hardly surprising as that is where I live - and four dotted around the world.

There is no implied ranking here, this is simply an alphabetic list. With each, I have tried to sum up why the course means so much to me.

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