The ModGolf Podcast: Building Community As A "Senior-Preneur" - Jim Plumb, Co-Founder Of Fore! Sixty

In this edition of the ModGolf Podcast, creator and show host Colin Weston speaks with Jim Plumb, the Co-Founder of FORE! SIXTY. 

FORE! SIXTY is a unique online community dedicated to enhancing the game for golfers sixty and over with age-relevant information, videos and a wide selection of curated value offerings on golf equipment, natural, anti-inflammatory pain relief and Sun Smart UPF50 sun protection apparel.

"We were going to call the company FORE! FIFTY, but we did a lot of surveys and 50 year olds still think they're 20, but 60 year olds are realistic. That's why we want to cater to that crowd of 60 and over."

- Jim Plumb, Co-Founder of FORE! SIXTY

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"We've all failed at times and built up businesses. We understand the economics behind it so we're not afraid to go after new products, investigate new areas. I love the entrepreneurial world and am looking at other things that I want to do beyond this business. You never know what's going to come up next, but you always got to keep your doors open and keep looking for that good opportunity."

- Jim Plumb