ModGolf Podcast: Creating Phenomenal Customer Experiences Through Golf

In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host, Colin Weston, speaks with Alyson Ramsey Johnson, CEO at Gilly Group and Co-Founder at White Tee Partners.

"I always knew I wanted to be a boss. I didn't know of what but I had that calling to want to help brands and businesses, create these phenomenal experiences for their customers through golf, whether that was sponsorship activation, hospitality or promoting their brands. So I knew I needed to get more of a differentiator for myself in the golf industry, especially as a woman."

 - Alyson Ramsey Johnson

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"I knew I had the itch to do it. I just needed to get more experience under my belt. So when I launched Gilly Group I took all my favorite experiences, I left behind HR Communications, the ice cream socials, the investor relations and never looked back. Honestly, it's really been my greatest joy to do this because I love working in golf. I love the people that I know and it's just a lot of fun to bring that to the end consumer."

- Alyson Ramsey Johnson