Repairing Divots

June 9, 2014

Jim Lee (British Columbia Golf)

RICHMOND, BC  - Although I do my very best not to harm that lovely green grass by taking a divot, I often make a mistake (usually at great harm to my wrists) and take a big chunk.  Usually the divot goes further than my ball.  That's embarassing.

Some, but not all, courses help by providing a sand/gravel mix on the cart.  This suggests to me that the best way to repair divots is by filling the depression with the mixture.  At least this prevents someone else's ball from landing in the hole.  But what if the divot is in a nice piece that fits back nicely in that hole you've left?

Looking through the selection of videos available from the USGA, I found this video of great help.  Maybe it will help you as well.

Watch the video here.