New Provincial Restrictions To Save Our Summer Season

Courtesy Allied Golf Association of BC

With updates to travel restrictions and new enforcement measures being officially announced on April 23rd, the Allied Golf Association of BC will be working to clarify the information and will be providing resources to help BC's golf courses navigate the shifting landscape.

In brief, the new measures are aimed at reducing the rapid spread of variants of concern and are intended to abate the spread of COVID-19 by focusing on restricting the movement of people into and within the province.

The extension of the "Circuit Breaker" restrictions combined with the expansion of travel restrictions and enforcement measures will help save our summer season and ensure our peak golfing months are as open for play as possible.

As information comes available we will be updating the following resource and we encourage you to check back regularly for updates:

How to Golf Responsibly

The AGA-BC recently published a "How To Golf Responsibly" Guide for golfers in British Columbia to remind and reinforce how to golf responsibly as the prime 2021 golf season gets underway.

Additional COVID-19 Resources and Program Information

The AGA-BC also continues to maintain and update a list of available resources, programs, and support for BC golf businesses and employees. For more information about initiatives from the Federal and Provincial governments, as well as other organizations, please click on the link below.