2021 UBC Sports Hall of Fame Elects 2000/01 Women's Golf Team

Congratulations to the 2000/01 UBC Women's Golf Team on being selected to enter the UBC Sports Hall of Fame. See the background on this accomplished team of athletes and the video accompanying their induction below. 

2021 UBC Sports Hall of Fame - 2000/01 Women's Golf Team

UBC Thunderbirds first entered the NAIA conference in 1999 and the women’s golf team immediately earned a 2nd place finish. Coach Ann Holmes knew the team was capable of improving to win the title the next year and implemented innovative strength training as well as introduced mental performance to their program.
The team’s dedication and focus on winning the title paid off and the T-Birds won the 2001 NAIA National Golf Championship by 34 strokes and earned a place in the record books as the first Canadian golf team to win a NAIA golf title and Ann was recognized as the first Canadian program coach to win Coach of the Year honours.
This historic win set off a string of trophies for UBC women’s golf with titles in 2001, 2004, 2010, 2012 and 2019, making the program the 2nd most decorated team in NAIA history.


Film created by Potential Pictures Inc.

Narrated by Nico McEown

Researched by Fred Hume

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