The 7 Scariest Shots In Golf

Seven Spooky Shots That Are Sure To Scare Starts With The Next Shot After A .....Shank! 

By Neil Tappin/Golf Monthly UK

With Halloween upon us, we have selected the 7 scariest shots in golf. From the next shot after a shank to an approach over water, this lot will leave you quaking in your boots!

The 7 Scariest Shots in Golf

1. Next shot after a shank

You reach the top of your backswing and then… What’s that?… Paranormal activity in the downswing causes a biblical hosel-rocket. You’re left searching for your ball and scratching your head. The feeling of utter disbelief will shortly be replaced by one of abject fear. ‘Maybe if I come more from the inside I’ll find the middle of the bat.’ Yeah… that’ll do it!

2. Chip off a tight lie

You’ve missed the green but not by much. Nothing to worry about there… Until you reach your ball and discover it sitting on a slab of turf with less grass on it than the M25. With fear in your eyes and panic in your heart, there’s only one option – the putter. But what about the bunker that’s in the way?… Just hit it hard!

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