VGT's 2017 Canada Bread BC Match Play Is Underway

The 2016 Team 'Scratch' Event Canada Bread BC Match Play Winners: (L) Brad Clapp And (R) Riley Wheeldon - Image Courtesy VGT

It was back in 1946 that the legendary golfer Stan Leonard of Marine Drive Golf Club and some local pros created the BC MATCH PLAY. The event would become one of Canada’s Premier Golf Tournaments, reported to be 2nd in popularity to the Canadian Open at its height.

In 2009 Fraser Mulholland incorporated the BC Team Match Play competition into his Vancouver Golf Tour. He has maintained the team concept with a qualifying event plus four weeks of match play competition to produce the winning team. 

This year's version of the historic event has gone through its qualifying stages and the knockout rounds begin on Saturday, April 1st at Mayfair Lakes GC in Richmond. 

From The Commissioner

Keeping with the tradition of the BC MATCH PLAY tournament and doing our very best to honour the founders of this great event, we have once again scheduled the 71st Anniversary BC MATCH PLAY on some of BC’s Premier Golf Courses.

With continued thanks to our 9-year Title Sponsor CANADA BREAD, we have raised this year’s TOTAL PURSE to $20,000 with the winning team’s share equaling $5,000 in the SCRATCH/OPEN TOURNAMENT and $2,000 in the NET TOURNAMENT.

On behalf of the Vancouver Golf Tour and our team of committee members and volunteers, we all hope you have an incredible experience at this year’s CANADA BREAD BC MATCH PLAY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Stay tuned as we will release details of the 2nd Annual BC MATCH PLAY SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIPS very soon!


Fraser Mulholland
President & Commissioner
Vancouver Golf Tour

Contact Details
PHONE: 604.980.4653

Click HERE or on the image below to follow live scoring. 




Canada Bread BC Match Play - Past Winners

2009  - Mark Burke/Mewail Kidane
2010  - Kevin Hogg/ Dave Zibrik
2011  - Kevin Stinson/ Josh Taylor
2012  - Matt Daniel/ Matt Makinson
2013  - Matt Daniel/ Matt Makinson
2014  - Jared Rempel/ Ryan Williams
2015  - Thomas Hay/ Jeremy Paradis
2016  - Brad Clapp / Riley Wheeldon

Good luck to all competitors in the 2017 event. The finals are set for Saturday, April 15, 2017 at Beach Grove Golf Club.

The BC Golf Museum is searching for the original McElroy Trophy, the Vancouver Sun trophy and the Bill Thompson Trophy.