30th Anniversary North Pacific Junior Ladies Team Matches Ready To Roll

North Pacific Junior Girls' Team British Columiba At This Year's CN Futue Links in Kamloops, From L-R: Shirin Anjarwalla, Esther Lee, Euna Han, Abigail Rigsby, Alisha Lau and Amanda Minni - Image Credit Paige Schappert

by Paige Schappert, Teams Coordinator, British Columbia Golf

British Columbia is proud to host the 2016 North Pacific Junior Ladies' Team Matches. This year marks the 30th anniversary of these team matches and will see squads from British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington competing Saturday, May 28th - Sunday, May 29th at Pitt Meadows Golf Club.

The event is patterned after the Curtis Cup Matches for amateur women (which stimulates friendly rivalry for women golfers from the United States, Great Britain and Ireland).

In 1997, the NPJL matches were expanded to include Oregon and Alberta, making it a four-association, six girls on each team, competition. Over the years the teams have changed and in 2015 Team Idaho was included. Each of the 4 teams now brings 6 players. Truly a “North Pacific” event.

Last year, with the first year of the new format (four teams of 6 girls including Idaho), it ended in a tie between BC and Oregon. Using the points on the last 18 as a tiebreaker, Oregon was declared the winner.

Team Captains:

Non-Playing Captains/Coach 

  • British Columbia - Matt Cella (Head Coach) and Keri Moffat (Assistant Coach) 
  • Idaho - Ken Spraker 
  • Oregon - Bobbi Breslin 
  • Washington - Chris Curtiss

Team Rosters:  

Idaho -  Maddie Cudworth, Kyla Currie, Kaitlynn Jo Deeble, Kylie Esh, Kaitlyn Fleming, Bailey Henley  

Oregon -  Madalyn Ardueser, Camille Dozois, Victoria Gailey, Haley Greb, Elle Slama, Reilly Whitlock  

Washington -  Kenedee Peters, Ashley Fitzgibbons, Brittany Kwon, Serena Lee, Katelann Soth, Vreni Todd

BC Team members:

  • Shirin Anjarwalla
  • Amanda Minni
  • Alisha Lau
  • Euna Han
  • Abigail Rigsby
  • Esther Lee

The North Pacific Jr. Ladies Team Matches employs the following scoring system:
The four teams are composed of 6 players from each state/province. In all competitions, which are match play, the front nine is worth one point, the back nine is worth one point, and the 18 is worth one point.

On Day One, there are three four-ball matches, for a total of nine possible points. On Day Two, there are three foursome matches (alternate shot), for a total of nine possible points, and a two-day total of a possible 18 points.

Tee times begin at 2:00 Saturday with the Best ball match play (four-ball) on Saturday, and alternate shot match play (foursomes) on Sunday. Go to BlueGolf for more information.

image courtesy pitt meadows gc                     Pitt Meadows Golf Club From Behind The Fourth Green