Sea-To-Sky Activities Abound In Ka'anapali

by Bryan Outram

Long known as a romantic retreat and tropical playground, the Hawaiian Islands certainly offer tremendous options for the entire family as well, making this a great vacation destination able to suit the desires of all ages and family members.

The island of Maui not only fits in with this ideal, they are leaders in many facets of family oriented activities in the sun.

From getting wet up to the waist boarding a whale watching vessel to peering out over the bay while hanging from a zip line high above the verdant valleys of Mount Kahalawai there are activities to suit virtually any and all tastes in the beautiful Ka'anapali Beach Resort area on the island of Maui.

I know this because I had the pleasure of experiencing not only the two outings mentioned above but several others as well during a fabulous family vacation in Maui recently.

Skyline Eco-Adventure Tours 

For anyone who has considered trying zip lining but maybe held back due to a lingering fear of heights or safety concerns, then the Ka'anaplai Skyline Zipline Adventure is definitely the way to allay those fears.

First of all, the zany (yes, I used the word 'zany') sense of humour displayed by the guides will keep you laughing so hard you'll forget you had any trepidation in the first place.

Secondly, the amazing views will keep you so preoccupied you won't have time to concern yourself with much else anyway.

And of course, if you're like me, your 13-year old daughter will shame you into it anyway. Rest assured the entertainment offered by the guides, the safety measures taken and the sheer grandeur of the area you soar over make it all totally worthwhile.

There are some weight and health restrictions, so be sure to check into that beforehand and a waiver must be signed as well. After that, go experience what the tropical birds in Hawaii get to see every day from above.

Whale Watching Tours 

Each year the Pacific Humpback Whales migrate from Alaska to the coastal waters off Maui. Being on board one of the spacious catamarans from Teralani of Maui Beach Activities is one of the best ways to experience these magnificent ocean creatures and the surrounding beautiful West Maui scenery at the same time.

Depending on the time of year you take your whale 'searching' expedition you may or may not actually encounter real whale 'watching'. Many will tell you that the better time of year to spot whales frolicking off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands is from January to March, although they do start arriving in late November.

Admittedly the anticipation of seeing one of these great giants of the sea can be almost as exciting as actually seeing them in their natural habitat. Almost. Our trip in mid-December did reveal some 'fluke' activity much to the delight of both the tourists and tour guides on board.

There are various time of day to take the tours from early morning breakfast trips to dinner/sunset cruises, with each offering appropriate menus and beverage options so be sure to look into the choices offered online at the above web addresses.