The ModGolf Podcast: Embracing A “Give First” Attitude To Build A Successful Business - Matt Fisher, The Mr. Short Game Youtube Channel

In the latest episode of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator and host Colin Weston talks to Golf YouTuber Matt Fisher, creator of Mr. Short Game. Fisher discusses his outlook on he approaches making his popular videos as well as his philosophy on what he feels people should expect from his work. 

"My approach to video creation has three components: I want to give something for free, whether it be a tip or a drill. I want it to be entertaining because I hate to be bored. Lastly I want people to connect and get to know me so we can build a community together." - Matt Fisher

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"There was a point where I had to turn down freelance jobs. My last job was with Disney where I was making YouTube videos and that's when I realized this is what I need to be doing when I'm not working. About a year and a half later I'm at a point where I was thinking I need to let the other work go so this can grow. That was really tough because financially we were scraping by.

"Finally my YouTube channel was right on the cusp and I told my wife Jenny, 'here's the numbers showing where it's gone the last couple of months. If I let go of all my freelance work this could really take off'. So that was a scary point but I had to go for it."

- Golf YouTuber Matt Fisher, creator of Mr. Short Game

Looking to improve your game around the green? Check out Matt's Mr. Short Game YouTube channel to experience his unfiltered energy and helpful tips.