SCGA Launches ‘Celebrities In Golf Carts’ Series

SCGA 'Celebrities In Golf Carts' Host Mark Willard (Left) Watches As Brian Baumgartner (From TV's The Office) Successfully Completes The 'Chip A Golf Ball Into A Pitcher Of Beer' Challenge On The New Series Being Launched By The Southern California Golf Association 

The Southern California Golf Association, responsible for the SCGA Rules and Fitness tips seen here over the last few year, have now launched a new web series entitled “Celebrities in Golf Carts.”

In this golf and lifestyle series targeting sports and entertainment enthusiasts of all ages, host Mark Willard plays golf with popular stars and athletes, mixing in casual conversation before wrapping up with a brief competition and a beer.

With this new series, the SCGA aims to reach beyond its membership borders to engage with a broad range of golfers to help humanize both the SCGA brand and the game of golf in general.

While the show is based in Southern California, they hope you’ll agree that the series is attractive to sports and entertainment fans across North America.

The SCGA is excited about this first season, and they anticipate creating additional seasons with diverse groups of high-profile athletes and celebrities. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

You can check out the new series at

Or you can view the trailer here: Watch The Trailer 

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