The ModGolf Podcast: Redefining The Golf Club Membership Experience - Billy Brown, Founder And CEO Of The Golf Sanctuary

In this episode of the ModGolf Podcast, Colin Weston chats with Billy Brown, Founder and CEO of The Golf Sanctuary in Nashville Tennessee.

Brown saw an opportunity in the golf industry to offer a new and enhanced membership experience, saying, "When demand is greater than supply, there is a business opportunity. I found one in The Golf Sanctuary".

"So the idea has been floating around my head for six or seven years. What got me with the simulators when I played Hilton Head or one of those courses it's like, 'oh this is cool'. But what they did was they threw me into this imaginary world. I went, 'oh my God, you've got to be kidding me. We're playing like Machu Picchu, and all sorts of crazy stuff is happening'. That got my juices flowing because I don't know how to hit this shot over a dragon. I've never practiced that shot! We're on top of a thousand foot cliff, never done that before but now I'm interested. I bet other people like this."

- Billy Brown, Founder and CEO of The Golf Sanctuary in Nashville Tennessee.

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"November of 2019, I was in a pain-med coma from a shoulder surgery, wiping drool off my face from the codeine and thought... 'Golf Sanctuary'. If I could go marry real estate and golf, how cool would that be?"

"People that play golf, they don't have time anymore because it takes too damn long. What if I could use the enhanced simulator experience in a business? How do I execute this, how do you monetize it?"