Increase Your Swing Speed - Fit Tip Video

Dec 17, 2014

Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

We all want to increase the distance of our shots and a main contributing factor to distance is club head speed.  As we age, we lose this with decreased flexibiity and strength through our core and in our arms and shoulders.  This surprisingly simple drill, courtesy of the SCGA, shows a means of increasing your swing speed.  Be careful though, that you don't over-extend yourself by adding weight to the club. 

Dave Sabo from Momentum Sports shows how to do the exercise properly without having to buy any other add-on equipment.  While having sufficient strength in your arms, shoulders and core is important to a swing, as is flexibility, the development of muscle speed is somewhat independent and takes specific exercises.  Professional golfers don't look like weight lifters and relatively slim golfers can hit the ball very well - witness many junior golfers.  They are able to develop swing speed without the benefit of muscle mass.

Watch the video.