USGA Rules Quiz Winner and How You Did

Over the past month, we have promoted your paricipation in a rules quiz on the website of the USGA.  We had only 38 entries, but there were over 600 people who clicked onto the USGA site. So a lot of people were interested and took the quiz (or at least tried it) but didn't want to send me their scores.

The average score out of 18 was 11.7.  Two people had perfect scores of 18, one of whom identiied herself as a Rules Official.  There were also 4 people who took the 25 question quiiz, which based on the results was a lot harder.

Here's what Susan White, Senior Manager of Field Operations had to say about scores.  "I would expect a level 2 (Rules Official) to obtain a mark around 60%. Level 3 and 4 between 85 to 100%".  A 60% score out of 18 is 10.8, so on average our respondents did very well.

The winner of a British Columbia Golf shirt from a random draw of respondents is Ron Dempsey of Victoria.