You Just Had Your Clubs Stolen!

August 5, 2014

Canadian Direct Insurance

Someone Just Stole Your Golf Clubs! What Should You Do? Here Are Some Common Scenarios!

  • You bring your clubs into your hotel room and go out for dinner. While you are away, thieves break in and steal your clubs and other personal property.
  • You leave your clubs in the Member’s Area storage at your Golf Club and overnight, thieves break in and steal your and several other members clubs.
  • You leave your clubs in your garage for storage when you are not playing. Overnight, someone breaks in and steals your clubs.
  • You are on a trip to go play Chambers Bay in Washington State before the US Open in 2015. You stop to get a meal and when you come back out, your car has been broken into and your clubs have been stolen!

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Your adjuster will ask many questions about the loss; this is all a part of the claims adjusting process.

The questions asked help to answer the when, where, what time, what was stolen, types of questions that insurance companies need answered to provide the insurer with the circumstances of the loss and accurate descriptions of the golf clubs that were stolen. This information is useful to also help identify golf clubs that may be recovered.

Most claims at Canadian Direct Insurance can be adjusted directly over the phone but if we need to see where the loss took place, we can hire independent adjuster’s with that part of the claims process

Receipts and pictures (keep the receipt for that brand new Ping G-30 you just bought) help to validate your loss. Canadian Direct Insurance wants to place you back in the same position as you were prior to your loss by either replacing your clubs or settling with you on a cash basis.

Will your home, condo/townhome, or tenants insurance policy cover you for those losses?

Coverage Under a Canadian Direct Home Policy

Canadian Direct Insurance offers WORLDWIDE coverage for your personal property both on your premises and while away from your premises.

If your golf clubs are stolen from your premises, you covered up to the amount shown as your personal property limit on your policy Declaration Page.

If your personal property is stolen away from your premises anywhere in the world (e.g. hotel room) the coverage limit offered by most insurance companies is around $5,000. Most Canadian Direct Insurance Home Policies also impose a $5,000 limit. But what if you are a family of golfers? Is the $5,000 enough for all of your family’s clubs?

Canadian Direct Insurance customers have the option to schedule golf clubs separately up to an agreed upon insured value on an endorsement similar to jewelry or artwork. If you choose to schedule the golf clubs, they will be covered up to the agreed upon limit, whether they are stolen while away from your premises or from your premises. In other words, they are not included in the $5000 limit otherwise in effect for property stolen away from your premises.The clubs would be covered up to the that agreed upon value. Check with a Canadian Direct Insurance Advisor to see what limits are available for you.

e.g. You have golf equipment valued at $4,500. Your homeowners policy has limitations

on how much coverage there is for personal property stolen when you are away from your premises. If you are away on holidays and your property is stolen from your hotel room,

the golf clubs would not be part of that $5,000 limit as they are covered separately under an endorsement up to that agreed upon value. As well, the scheduled golf clubs are not subject

to a deductible in the event a loss.

If the clubs are not scheduled, you will need to pay your policy deductible.

Does My Home Insurance or Auto Insurance Apply When My Clubs Are Stolen From My Vehicle?

Any personal property stolen from your vehicle is not covered under an auto insurance policy unless it was permanently attached (e.g. aftermarket stereo) to the vehicle. However, personal property stolen from a vehicle may be covered under a home policy as long as the vehicle was locked at the time of the loss and there are visible signs of entry into the vehicle.

Insurance companies will always have a limit as to how much coverage is available if personal property is stolen from a vehicle. One of the advantages that BC Golf members are eligible for is a no dollar limit when personal property is stolen from a vehicle. Check with a Canadian Direct Insurance advisor to see if you are eligible for this enhanced coverage offered to all BC Golf members.

What Should I do In the Event My Golf Clubs are stolen?

After reporting the loss to the Police, you should report the loss to Canadian Direct Insurance as soon as you discover your clubs have been stolen. You can report a loss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our toll free emergency claims line number.

Always maintain proof of ownership and good details on the clubs (make, model and year).  If you do not have receipts available, now is the time to have your clubs inventoried by the pro shop. Be sure to take pictures of the clubs as well.

How Will the Claim be Processed?

At Canadian Direct Insurance, we have a 24 hour, 7 days a week toll free number for you to call and report your loss, Canadian Direct insurance will begin to adjust your claim.

Before settling on a cash basis consider that claims are paid on an “Actual Cash Value” (ACV) basis rather than replacement cost meaning you would only get what your used golf club(s) are selling for today, not what you paid for them last year, the year before, etc.

When Does My Deductible Apply?

If the clubs are not scheduled, you will need to pay your policy deductible.

If you have both your home and auto insured with Canadian Direct insurance and your clubs are stolen from your vehicle, you’ll only have to pay one deductible – even if you’re making a claim on both your home and auto policies, Canadian Direct Insurance would “waive” the lower deductible.

e.g. Your auto deductible is $200 and your home deductible is $750, you only pay the $750 deductible.

What Can I Do to Avoid This Type of Loss?

Don't leave your clubs unattended.  Leave them with the pro shop or in the locked storage facility available at the golf course.If your clubs are in the vehicle, always make sure they are out of sight, in a locked vehicle with the alarm on.

What Happens Next?

As an insured, you may want to weigh the choice of making a claim vs. paying out the loss of your clubs yourself. Keep in mind that when you make a claim and you are compensated for your loss, this will affect your claims history. Upon renewal, the policy will be reviewed and as your claims history has changed, there may be a premium adjustment.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice.

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