Air Quality National Guidelines For Outdoor Sporting Activities Survey

PHOTO: Beacon Rock Golf Course/From Facebook

Regulatory and Strategic Affairs Center (RASAC) has been contracted by Health Canada to gather input for a guideline to use for outdoor sporting activities during adverse air quality events. 

With golf obviously being a major outdoor sporting activity, British Columbia Golf is offering to distribute the survey through its various media channels in the hope that responses from the golf community will assist in creating the guideline sought for the health and wellbeing of not only golfers but any and all individuals who partake in outdoor sporting activities.

Why we need your help
Health Canada would like your input as this guideline is developed. This input begins with knowing the awareness level of Canada’s Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) and its adoption when there is significant air pollution during sporting events. Health Canada would also like to know what policies or guidelines are already in place. Many organizations contacted have already adopted RASAC’s 2016 study, a guideline on using AQHI for sporting events during high air pollution levels.

What will happen with the results?
The survey responses will help develop the National Guideline and understand the level of awareness of the (AQHI) and existing policies or guidelines related to adverse air quality.

Anonymous and voluntary
The survey can be responded to more than once from a single computer, given that several people in one family may wish to respond. Responses to this survey are strictly anonymous, and participation is voluntary. People can leave at any time. Health Canada has approved these surveys for distribution. The survey takes about five minutes to complete and closes at the end of February.

2021 - Air Quality for Outdoor Activities - Awareness and Adoption Survey - Individual, Parent, Coach, or Coordinator

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