British Columbia Golf Launches New Website and Newsletter

British Columbia Golf has partnered with Inside Golf publications to develop a new website and new newsletter format that will help us improve our communications capability with our members and other interested golfers. We have been struggling with older systems that limit our capabilities and it was time to refresh our look and feel, and how we communicate with our members.

Along with the change to the designs, we have also made a major step forward with the development of a "responsive" mobile application.  What this means is that when you view the site on a smart phone or tablet, the site will automatically resize itself to your needs. You needn't do anything to achieve this, just log on to our site as you normally would and it will work properly for you.

Another improvement is through our partnership with Inside Golf, we will be able to draw articles of interest from their material, and they will be able to draw from our articles. Each newsletter issue will still include articles from British Columbia Golf but we will also include articles that we think will be of interest to readers.