Why Aeration Is A Good Thing

The folks from the Vancouver Park Board look after and maintain, among other properties, the three excellent courses recently used for the  VGT Vancouver Open, namely Langara, Fraserview and McCleery, and are getting set to do the very important job of aerating these facilities. 

They are very aware of how disappointing it can be for golfers to encounter 'punched and sanded' conditions. The fact remains that this process is critical to the long term health of the turf and to the quality playing conditions found throughout the year on these courses for the benefit of golfers.

We'd like to share here some of the information put out by the VPB to help explain and educate us all on what goes into an aeration program and why it's definitely worth it for all concerned.

Courtesy Vancouver Park Board Newsletter

It's that time again...Aeration time!

We know that our golfers are not crazy about aeration but just think how hard it is for our supers to disrupt the smoothness of the putting greens, tee boxes and fairways they work so hard to maintain. But the process makes our greens, tees and fairways better in the long run.

This very popular USGA video explains why aeration is so important. If you are interested in more information about the process, earlier this year we shared details on the mechanics of the aeration written by one of our superintendents.


But what is a golfer to do when their ball lands in an aeration hole?

Unfortunately, unless a Local Rule is in effect, you do not get relief if your ball is resting in an aeration hole. However, during fairway aeration in which cores are being pulled you can remove plugs of turf from around your ball provided you don't move your ball in the process.

If the weather cooperates the holes will heal quickly and we will be back to smooth greens in no time!


Langara Golf Course

  • September 17th & 18th and 1/2 day September 19th
  • Greens, Tees & Fairways

McCleery Golf Course

  • September 24th & 25th and 1/2 day September 26th
  • Greens, Tees & Fairways

Fraserview Golf Course

  • October 1st & 2nd
  • Greens & Tees