Bring Your Clubs Back To School?

By Matthew Steinbach (British Columbia Golf: Manager, Golf Participation)

As the bell rings and children head back to school, I am reminded that the summer golf season is gone and fall is here. The end of summer holidays signals the start of a new school year and our little golfers trade in their clubs for hockey sticks and soccer balls.

Too often, our little golfers, who just a few weeks ago were hitting balls daily, won’t touch a golf club until next spring. Returning to School, however, doesn’t need to mean the end of the golf season.

This year, British Columbia Golf is looking to change this seasonal pattern, and bring golf to schools in British Columbia with two great programs; Golf in Schools and Playground to Fairway.

Golf in Schools is the national golf program created by Golf Canada in partnership with the PGA of Canada and Physical and Health Education Canada. The Golf in Schools program, “Has been developed for teachers to provide students the opportunity to develop 'physical literacy' related to the sport of golf, and increase student knowledge and appreciation for the sport of golf.”

In an effort to make the Golf in Schools program free of charge for schools, a national initiative to “Adopt a School” will run from September 16-23. “Adopt a School Week” will provide funding for the cost of a GIS program package.

Each adopted school receives the full program kit which includes age-appropriate golf clubs and a teacher-friendly learning resource. Even more, for this year’s “Adopt a School” campaign, the Canadian Senior Golf Association has generously offered to match any school adoptions, giving donors the options to select two schools that will receive the Golf in Schools program, while only donating the funds for one.

To learn more about Golf in Schools or to donate now please follow the link:

The second school golf program is BC Golf’s own Playground to Fairway (P2F) golf in school program. Guided by the Long Term Player Development Model for Golf in Canada, the Playground to Fairway School Golf Program teaches the “FUNdamentals” and “Learn to Golf” stages of development.

Certified P2F instructors will introduce the basic golf skills and physical literacy skills to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (ages 5-18). Lessons are adapted to meet each school’s requirements, recognizing class structure and scheduling constraints.

All physical activity for the session is provided in a comfortable setting to encourage students to have a positive experience and motivate them to pursue golf in their community. P2F is delivered both indoors and outdoors in a simple, fun, and safe environment.

To learn more about Playground to Fairway golf in school program please follow the link:

So as the leaves turn colour and the students return to their text books, let’s encourage them to bring their clubs with them back to the classroom. With your help we can deliver a year-round golf season, where gym classes can introduce the many values and life skills of the great game of golf.

Who knows what will grow next spring with Golf in Schools seeds planted this fall?

For more information on golf participation programs with BC Golf please contact Matthew Steinbach by email at  or call: 778-839-1301