Federal Budget Disappointment For Canadian Golf Industry

OAKVILLE, Ontario (Scott Simmons/Golf Canada’s CEO) — As you may have seen, the 2015 Budget was just released, and despite the fact that the Federal Government announced a sizable surplus, we are disappointed to see that the National Allied Golf Associations’ (NAGA) request to amend the Income Tax Act was not included in this year’s Budget.

Given the price of oil, we weren’t optimistic going into the Budget process, but it seems that while the Budget is overall enormously business friendly, the government was unwilling to go the extra step and establish tax fairness for the golf industry.

The following morning, on behalf of NAGA, Jeff Calderwood (CEO of the NGCOA Canada) attended a Post-Budget breakfast featuring comments from Senior Cabinet officials to obtain further information on NAGA’s ask at that time.

NAGA will be re-grouping with a view to pushing the golf industry as an election issue. This continues to be an issue of tax fairness and one that all political parties need to hear about before going to the polls.

NAGA has an extensive plan to deal with the pre-election period and will be making final decisions on that when we meet as a group post-Budget. The plan will be shared with the entire industry once finalized.

Please feel free to express your disappointment with your local MP…. They need to hear from the golf industry.

Scott Simmons
Golf Canada


CLICK HERE to read the NGCOA position on the budget omission.