Army Of Volunteers Clean Up Oliver Golf Course After Mudslide

A Volunteer Cleanup Crew Descended On Fairview Mountain Golf Course In Oliver, BC To Help Clean Up The Mess From A Recent Mudslide - Image Courtesy Global News

By Shelby Thom
South Okanagan Reporter Global News

An army of volunteers descended on the Fairview Mountain Golf Course in Oliver on Wednesday to finish off cleanup efforts after a destructive mudslide struck more than two weeks ago.

General Manager Brian McDonald (who can be seen working with the volunteersin the centre of the accompanying picture using the red-handled rake ) said the mudslide occurred overnight on March 23. 

It spread at least 2,000 yards and covered five holes. “The damage was extensive,” McDonald said. “There was a lot of debris here. In the end it was over 3,000 cubic tonnes that had to be removed from the site.”

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