• Golf In Schools Tallies 230 Adoptions To Date In 2016

    Image courtesy Golf Canada

    With Golf Canada’s fiscal year coming to a close at the end of the October, Golf in Schools has tallied 230 adoptions to Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary schools across Canada. That figure translates to an additional 27,600 students being introduced to the sport on an annual basis.

  • USGA To Host 2017 Golf Innovation Symposium In Vancouver


    FAR HILLS, New Jersey (USGA) — The United States Golf Association will host the 2017 North American Golf Innovation Symposium on March 6-7 at the Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown in Vancouver, BC, gathering leaders in sustainable facility management and sports research to share knowledge and advance the game.

    Symposium attendees will discuss how research, science, and data can help golf facilities around the world reduce their costs, operate more efficiently and provide a better experience for golfers. Over two days, the USGA and other contributing innovators will share details of their ongoing work in areas such as resource management, golf operations, revenue management, pace of play and equipment standards.

  • Eaglequest's CN Future Links 'Girls Club' Helping Girls Grow The Game

    Eaglequest Coquitlam's Director Of  Instruction Shiella Cowan Addresses Her Latest Group Of Young Girls Eager To Learn The Game - Image Credit Ezzabella Hernandez/British Columbia Golf

    by Bryan Outram

    The CN Future Links Girls’ Club website tells us the program is a developmental golf program essentially designed for girls 7-18 years of age. As members, young girls will develop the skills, attitudes and positive images of themselves as athletes on the golf course, encouraging both self-esteem and a life-long love of the game.

    The Girls’ Club was developed to address the huge discrepancy between the numbers of young girls playing golf compared to the number of young boys. It aims not merely to attract girls to the game but also to help retain them longer.

    The Girls Club has been held every Monday at Eaglequest Coquitlam since July 4th and is having a very positive affect according to Shiella Cowan, the Director of Instruction at Eaglequest in Coquitlam, who leads the event.

  • Overflowing Youth Involvement For National Aboriginal Day

    The Target In The Swing Net Was A Big Hit With The Youth Who Came Out To Participate In National Aboriginal Day At Musqueam - Image Credit Gino Cutri

    By Gino Cutri

    The day began with the opening ceremony in the Musqueam Centre gymnasium. Young girls dressed in traditional Musqueam clothing entered the room singing hymns passed down from their elders. 

    The display reminded those in attendance of the importance of National Aboriginal Day, and what it means to Musqueam Nation. As the opening ceremony concluded, the block party ensued. Music, and barbecue filled the surrounding area with the sounds and smells of a block party celebration.

  • International Olympic Day A Big Hit At The Richmond Oval

    The Velcro Target Dartboards Were A Big Hit With The Kids At BC Golf's Ball Striking Station On International Olympic Day - Images credit Gino Cutri/British Columbia Golf

    By Gino Cutri/British Columbia Golf

    The Richmond Olympic Oval was the host for International Olympic Day, which saw more than 2,000 elementary school students from the Lower Mainland attend. The goal for International Olympic Day is to promote the Olympic values and participation in sport across the globe regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.

    With 13 sports represented, International Olympic Day provided students with the opportunity to realize the skills required to play sports across the sporting landscape. At our British Columbia Golf station the skills of ball striking and rolling were on full display.

  • CN Future Links Jr. Skills Challenge Brings Out The Best In Kids - On And Off The Course

    CN Future Links Offers Junior Programs In Communities Across The Country For Boys & Girls From The Ages Of 6-18 - Image Courtesy CN Future Links

    by Gino Cutri, British Columbia Golf

    CN Future Links is Canada’s junior golf program allowing kids from the ages of 6 – 18 the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf through affordable and accessible programs. Eaglequest at Coyote Creek were proud to host their first ever CN Future Links Jr. Skills Challenge over the June 4-5th weekend.

    The organizers and volunteers were pleased to have very positive feedback from the parents and kids alike, saying, “They really enjoyed the whole experience, and think it really motivates more young kids to get into golf and I think more of these events are going to be great for us in BC.”

  • Play Like The Pros Charity Challenge Comes To B.C.


    Play Like The Pros Charity Challenge is a series of mini-tournaments at some of the best golf courses in Canada where golfers pledge support for junior golf through the Golf Canada Foundation.

    The winners at each event and the top fundraising teams will qualify to play Glen Abbey on Monday July 25th, 2016 – the day after the RBC Canadian Open, from the same tees, pin positions, and tournament conditions as the pros played!

  • Investigating The New Technologies In Golf Instruction

    Royal Colwood's Jason Giesbrecht Has A Total Commitment To Using Technology In Instruction

    Royal Colwood's Director Of Golf Jason Giesbrecht has long embraced technology's value in golf instruction. Recently he travelled to the PGA Show in Orlando to evaluate some of the latest advances in this rapidly evolving sector of the golf industry...

  • Northern BC Residents Sought For School Sports Program

    (Prince George, BC – February 3, 2016) - Sports enthusiasts from Prince George and the surrounding area are being recruited to work with elementary-school-age children to encourage them to be more active. 

    SOAR (Sharing Our Activities and Resources) is an initiative developed by Tennis BC, British Columbia Golf and Curl BC. The not-for-profit groups are recruiting individuals to be trained in the delivery of three sports programs.

  • The R&A Hosts Industry Forum To Discuss Pace Of Play

    The Home Of Golf, St. Andrews, Is Hosting A Forum On Pace Of Play Issues - Image Courtesy The Royal & Ancient Golf Club Of St. Andrews 

    via Golf Canada with files from the R&A

    St. Andrews, Scotland – The R&A is conducting an industry forum in St. Andrews this week to examine the issues surrounding pace of play and the time it takes to play golf.

    The Time for Golf conference, which is taking place today and tomorrow (Nov. 24-25) will bring together representatives of national affiliated bodies with figures from some of the key organizations involved in administering the sport to discuss factors such as the golf course, management and player behaviour.

    Dale Jackson, chair of Golf Canada’s Rules Committee, is there representing Canada.

  • SCGA Fit Tip - Better Balance In Your Swing

    Most golfers today are much more aware of how fitness can assist them in playing better golf. But it's also important when working out that the exercises you undertake are relevant to the game.

    In this Fit Tip Video the SCGA in conjunction with Hansen Fitness For Golf want to help you balance better during your golf swing. Mike Hansen and Gentry Fields want to know... how long can you balance on one leg?

    Watch The Video

  • Canadian Golf Leaders Launch Joint Campaign To Market Golf In Canada


    Canadians from coast to coast invited to share their stories at www.golfcanadagolf.ca or through social media using #GolfCanadaGolf

    Tweet or share: Canadian golf launches #GolfCanadaGolf national marketing campaign; golfers invited to share their stories atwww.golfcanadagolf.ca

    (April 16, 2015) – With nearly 5.7 million enthusiasts and 60 million rounds played annually, Canadians are passionate about the game of golf.

    As Canada’s most participated sport, every golfer has a unique story to tell, and now the Canadian golf industry is encouraging golfers to share those stories, aligning on a national campaign to market the game of golf in Canada.

  • SCGA Fit Tip Video - Relieving Back Pain On The Golf Course

    Having trouble with back pain while playing golf? These two basic stretches will help.

    Check out this latest SCGA Fit Tip on how you can eliminate your back pain while out on the course. These two stretches can be done with a cart and a golf club as you get ready at the next hole.

  • SCGA Fitness Tip - Correcting C-Posture

    With the weather co-operating the way it has in our fair province the golf season is off to a rousing early start.

    Of course it’s still important to pay attention to golf-related fitness so we don’t suffer injury or fall into bad habits right out of the chute.

  • Video: Katherine Roberts - Balance Exercises For A Better Golf Swing

    February 17, 2015

    by Katherine Roberts

    Renowned Yoga for golf instructor Katherine Roberts has another exercise routine that we can all employ for both overall better fitness and to benefit our golf swing through better balance.

  • Video: Katherine Roberts Tip For Breaking 90, Exercises To Increase Shoulder Turn And Strength

    Katherine Roberts Teaches How To Use Yoga To Improve Your Performance On The Golf Course

    image courtesy Katherine Roberts


    February 2, 2015


    Golf fitness through yoga expert, Katherine Roberts, has an exercise routine designed specifically to increase shoulder turn and strength, both of which are essential if you really want to get the maximum potential out of your swing.

    In order to build a proper swing arc it's really important to get the shoulders turning as the start of the backswing.

    Too often we see players simply swing their arms back which also results in picking the club up far too early.

    That motion will significantly reduce both the length and shape of a swing arc. In turn a far less powerful and indeed efficient swing takes plac, robbing us of precious distance which is so critical if you want to get the ball to the hole sooner.

    Watch below as Kathering demonstrates three very helpful exercises that will assist you in making a better, more dynamic shoulder turn in your golf swing.

    Watch The Video



  • Stretch Those Tight Back Muscles on the Course

    Mike Hansen and Jentry Fields in this SCGA Fit tip video show you how you can stretch out those tight back muscles while on the course.  These are two simple exercised you can do while waiting to play.

    As Mike explains, its often not the muscles in the lower back that are tight and need stretching, its the surrounding musculature such as your hip and gluteus maximus.  Try this instead of 2 Advil!

    Watch the video

  • Increase Your Swing Speed - Fit Tip Video

    Dec 17, 2014

    Jim Lee, British Columbia Golf

    We all want to increase the distance of our shots and a main contributing factor to distance is club head speed.  As we age, we lose this with decreased flexibiity and strength through our core and in our arms and shoulders.  This surprisingly simple drill, courtesy of the SCGA, shows a means of increasing your swing speed.  Be careful though, that you don't over-extend yourself by adding weight to the club. 

    Dave Sabo from Momentum Sports shows how to do the exercise properly without having to buy any other add-on equipment.  While having sufficient strength in your arms, shoulders and core is important to a swing, as is flexibility, the development of muscle speed is somewhat independent and takes specific exercises.  Professional golfers don't look like weight lifters and relatively slim golfers can hit the ball very well - witness many junior golfers.  They are able to develop swing speed without the benefit of muscle mass.

    Watch the video.

  • Hot Gifts to Give This Year

    PING Karsten TR Anser 2
    The new Karsten TR Anser 2 features Ping's TR (True Roll) technology. Variable-depth grooves are milled directly into the face, providing unmatched distance control. Grooves are deepest in the center and shallower toward the perimeter for greatly improved ball-speed consistency and distance control, leading to more putts made and fewer three-putts. An elastomer back-cavity insert enhances sound and feel for valuable auditory feedback. Available in a fixed-length shaft (35 inches is standard) or an adjustable version that can be modified between 31 inches and 38 inches to optimize fitting accuracy prior to a round. The copper PVD finish offers a distinctive appeal. Models fit all stroke types: Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc.Anser 2 (345g) • - Slight Arc stroke • - Adjustable +/- 4 degrees from standard lie angle. Visit www.PING.com.

  • Pace Of Play Issues Send Architects Back To Drawing Board

    November 24, 2014

    David Shefter, USGA

    FAR HILLS, New Jersey (David Shefter/USGA) — Beginning about thirty years ago, golf course architects seemed to be engaged in a game of one-upsmanship to design the boldest and most dramatic layout.

    Many of these designs were visually stunning, diabolically difficult and drew rave reviews from golf publications. There was just one problem.

    "We tried to build courses to be photographed rather than be played," said Bruce Charlton, president/design officer for Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects, who helped shape Chambers Bay in University Place, Wash., site of the 2015 U.S. Open.

    "It was a dark period for golf course architecture. We moved too much dirt. We tried to make courses too difficult."