• Golf Canada Leaderboard For March 11th Presented By Titleist

     See how Canadians fared in professional events around the world this past week.

  • British Columbia Golf Joins In Celebrating International Women's Day

    As Friday, March 8th marks the celebration of International Women's Day, British Columbia Golf is pleased to take part in acknowledging and promoting the involvement of women of all ages and backgrounds in the game of golf.

    Golf has made a concerted effort in recent years to bring more women into the game worldwide with events such as International Women's Golf Day being only one example. 

    What can be stated without debate is that there have been many great female golfers over the years. Thirty-nine of them have earned enshrinement into the World Golf Hall of Fame including Canada's Marlene Stewart Streit

  • Complaining About Rules Not Doing Golf Any Favours

    With all the recent controversy regarding the 'new rules' of golf, particularly due to some very publicized incidents on the PGA TOUR, Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press wrote a piece that puts the onus where it really should be, on the players, to learn, know, understand and play by the rules. He makes some excellent points here illustrating clearly why it should not be that difficult to accept and embrace the effort and intent of the new rules of golf. - ed

    By Doug Ferguson/Associated Press

    ORLANDO, Florida — The memo PGA TOUR commissioner Jay Monahan sent to players on the new Rules of Golf can be interpreted different ways based as much on the timing as the message.

    One theme was to be patient. “We are committed to playing under these rules as we analyze their effectiveness... and it’s important to acknowledge that we are not at the finish line yet,” Monahan said in a memo.

    Another was to look at the USGA as a partner instead of a villain.

    “This is a collaborative process, one the PGA TOUR has been a part of from the beginning, along with all organizations in the world of golf,” he wrote.

    The hope is that it will lead players to stop complaining about the rules and simply follow them.

    Click HERE to read full story. 

  • Newest ModGolf Podcast Features USGA Sr. Director Of Research, Science & Innovation

    This week host Colin Weston speaks to the USGA's Senior Director of Research, Science & Innovation Matthew Pringle.

    Beginning in 2016, Matt has led a new team at the USGA called Research, Science, & Innovation with a mission to, "Create innovative tools that help golf facilities improve the golf experience and reduce the consumption of key resources".

    In this episode Matt and Colin refer to the Lean Startup approach to quickly experiment with and validate ideas/products/services. The USGA has embraced Lean Startup's ability to, "Apply entrepreneurial management to drive innovation in any size organization or sector. We’re now up to a team of five and we like to think of ourselves as a scrappy startup within The USGA".

  • Golf Canada Leaderboard Presented By Titleist

    See how Canadians fared in professional events around the world this past week.

  • Video: Young Tommy Morrissey Shows How Golf Is A Game For Everyone - Including A One-Armed Six-Year Old

    Tommy Morrissey was born with only one arm. That, however, has not stopped him from playing sports and playing them well. 

    Morrissey, who has already achieved a degree of national fame in his native USA through his appearance at PGA TOUR events like the Shriner's Classic, also plays baseball and has hit his share of home runs for his team.

    This particular video is from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in 2017 when Morrissey was six years old, but young Tommy has continued to prove he not only belongs on the playing field with other 'able-bodied' youngsters, but that he can excel as well. And he has dreams and aspirations like most kids, including wanting to be a golf pro. Oh, and play in the NFL. And drive in NASCAR.

    Here, we see him being interviewed by Matt Fisher of AmateurGolf.com and taking him on in a target challenge at the show's driving range.


  • Canadian Players On PGA TOUR-Affiliated Tours, Week Of February 18th, 2019

    The PGA TOUR and its affiliated Tours boasts a large roster of players from Canada as members. Here is the recap from this past week’s action and their performances.

  • Golf Canada Weekly Leaderboard Presented By Titleist For Feb. 11-17

    See how Canadians fared in professional events around the world this past week.

  • The USGA And The R&A Release Progress Update On Distance Insights Project

    LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. and ST ANDREWS, Scotland (Feb. 14, 2019) – The USGA and The R&A have issued a periodic update of progress made to date on the Distance Insights project.

    The update can be viewed or downloaded via this link here.

    The project was initiated last May to provide the most comprehensive understanding of the past, present and future impact of distance on the game of golf.

    A complete report is expected to be delivered in late 2019.

    For more information on the Distance Insights project, please visit www.USGA.org/distanceinsights or www.RandA.org.

  • R&A’s Women In Golf Charter Showing Success In Canada & Worldwide

    CP Women's Leadership Summit (Golf Canada)

    Courtesy R&A and Golf Canada

    The R&A’s drive to increase the number of women and girls participating in golf and to encourage more opportunities for women to work within the sport has been reflected in early success for the new Women in Golf Charter.

    Launched last May in London, the Charter set out to inspire an industry-wide commitment to developing a more inclusive culture within golf globally. It is designed to encourage actions that enable more women and girls to flourish and maximise their potential within the golf industry at all levels.

  • ModGolf Podcast Season 5 Episodes 08 & 09 Focus On The PGA Show From Orlando

    This month we feature the two most recent episodes of The ModGolf Podcast as part of our effort to bring you golf’s best innovation and entrepreneurship stories.

  • Pacific Northwest Golf Community Loses A Close Friend

    Former PNGA President MG Davis Was Championship Chairman In 1994 When Tiger Woods Was The PNGA Men’s Amateur Champion - Image Courtesy Troy Andrew/PNGA

    Former Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA) president MG Davis passed away recently and current CEO and Executive Director Troy Andrew penned a sincere note to everyone in the golf community inviting all to a celebration of life .

    Pacific Northwest Golf Friends,

    As many of you know, we lost our great friend MG Davis a couple weeks ago.

    MG loved and was dedicated to the game of golf, The Home Course, and the PNGA. He treated anyone associated to golf as his best friend. His selfless contributions to the golf industry have resulted in the PNGA and The Home Course achieving a level of excellence and respect within the golf community that would otherwise not have been possible. He will be missed dearly!

    Above you'll see one of my favorite pictures of MG when he was the Championship Chairman of the PNGA Men’s Amateur at Royal Oaks CC in 1994, the year Tiger Woods won the PNGA Men’s Amateur and went on to win the U.S. Amateur that same year.

    His family would like to invite you to his Celebration of Life on Sunday, February 10th at 11:00 a.m. at The Home Course in DuPont, Washington.

    Please click on the following link to RSVP - http://evite.me/9pfShtghjV

    Best regards,

    Troy Andrew | CEO and Executive Director

    Washington State Golf Association, Pacific Northwest Golf Association, The Home Course

  • PGA TOUR - Affiliated Tours Canada Player Results Week of January 28, 2019

    The PGA TOUR and its affiliated Tours boasts a large roster of players from Canada as members. Here is the recap from this past week’s action and their performances.

  • Las Vegas World Amateur: February 25-28, 2019

    Compete for thousands in prizes at some of the best courses in fabulous Las Vegas with Amateurs from around the world!

  • The USGA And The R&A Release 2018 Driving Distance Report

    Courtesy Golf Canada

    LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. and ST ANDREWS, Scotland – The USGA and The R&A have released the 2018 Annual Driving Distance Report, containing driving-distance data from seven men’s and women’s professional golf tours around the world. This is the fourth annual distance report issued by the game’s governing bodies, completed in an effort to monitor current trends in driving distance.

    The 2018 data show that driving distances on these seven tours increased by an average of 1.7 yards, beyond the previous year’s gain of more than 3 yards.

  • Golf Canada Leaderboard Presented By Titleist - How Canadians Fared Around The World Last Week

    See how Canadians fared in professional events around the world this past week.

  • New Rules Will Simplify Game's Penalty Implementation

    By GORD MONTGOMERY, Inside Golf

    "Even though a new set of guidelines have now been put into play for the game of golf, the rulebook still doesn’t address one major component found in every weekend warrior’s game — the mullligan or breakfast ball.

    Despite that oversight, the new rules, the first in over six decades, will make the game’s regulations a bit easier for one and all to comprehend and abide by. At least that’s the word coming from Adam Helmer, the Director of Rules and Competitions for Golf Canada.

  • 72-Year-Old Plays 108 Rounds Over 96 Days Across 48 States


    When Nick Karnazes, then age 72, told his cardiologist about his plan to play 96 rounds of golf over 96 days across the 48 contiguous United States, he was warned that he might be coming home in a pine box.

    “No one lives forever,” Karnazes, now 82, told his doctor at the time, fully aware that he was a candidate for heart surgery. “I have a daughter in heaven, so if something happened to me, I’d be with her. I had already mailed out letters to all the courses. I love golf. I’m going on the trip.”

    Karnazes began doing some research and found that 18 people had played 48 rounds in 48 states, but no one had played two rounds in each state over 96 days. While others had circuited the country in small planes, Karnazes drove – mostly by himself – from one tee time to the next in an RV.

    Dubbed “The Happy Golfer” by Callaway, the brand supplied him with clubs, balls, and apparel.

    Click here for the full story.

    Jordan Schwartz is the creative and content lead for the USGA Foundation. Email him at jschwartz@usga.org.


  • Dale Jackson - Revealing The Process Behind Creating The New Rules of Golf

    On January 1st 2019 The New Rules of Golf were released by the USGA/R&A Joint Rules Committee. Lots of media coverage has been dedicated to what the changes are, but we wanted to reveal the five year process that focused on the why and how.
    On this episode Golf Canada Board Member and Past Joint Rules Committee representative Dale Jackson pulls back the curtain to shed some light on the vision, strategy and decision-making process that was half a decade in the making.
  • Video: New 2019 Rules Of Golf Explained

    Some of the new Rules of Golf appear to have confused people.

    This may help, a video highlighting the main changes with the new 2019 Rules of Golf.